Pre-order: T-80U-E1


Hallucinating is correct description.

Look at this garbage (T-80U-E1) and compare it to IPM1.
Hull armour but you get driver weakspot which effectively expand mantlet weakspot.
Turret armour but you get bigger turret ring weakspot and turret roof weakspot.
Mobility, it’s frankly insufficient for it’s BR and difference compared to NATO vehicles is massive.
Gun depression, you can’t use hills as cover, you can’t fight in hulldown position, you always need to expose hull weakspots or you need to be fully exposed to fire, (for comparison NATO tanks can fight with turret ring hidden without problems),
Surviability, even before autoloader being modeled every penetrating hit was crippling.
Autoloader, now flat out worse than human loader in every situation at least on soviet tanks.
Rate of fire.

Now to add insult to injury remember that T-80U-E1 is higher BR than IPM1, to make it worse remember that this list is pretty much identical when comparing it to M1 at 10.3 with only change in favour of T-80U being higher pen ammunition.

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how do have the tank icon next to the br. I need to know

When renaming the preset, hold left-alt and type ‘4556’ on the numpad.

War Thunder uses a custom font that replaces unused characters with custom symbols.


Crys in 60% Keyboard

Slightly better than tech tree t80u and probably better than t80uk? It really doesn’t matter they are all basically the same. Idk why people are complaining about it not getting 3bm60 when a) none of the other 11.3 t80s get it and b) we are talking like 50 pen and 3bm46 is a perfectly good round. Just because one tank gets a 590 pen shell doesn’t mean others should. The Leo 2a4ms armor is laughable compared to the t80s