Pre-order: Leopard 2A4M CAN

Even if it had DM53A1, i dont think it would be unbalanced at 11.3.

now that you say it, the arietes at 11.3 apparently got dm53 as well, so yeah i guess would work

If anything, i would rather gaijin backdated the tank to be how it was during Afghanistan. It would lose the commander thermals and that would basically be it. They wouldnt have to add spall liners since they werent added irl until ≈2015 and DM33A2 would be its top round. Perfect for 10.7-11.0.

Mentioned Variable HE shots. :) Community Bug Reporting System

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Want to mention how realistically it shpuld also have access to DM12A2 HEAT-MP-T and M1028 cannister. DM53A1 is a lost cause now…

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Nice stealth edit on the decal included today, there. Not gonna mention why it happened at all or why pre-orderers got 200 GE each today? Just curious.

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Makes you wonder what legal reason there was. They didnt remove the other regimental badges. And its not like the loonie is very special, ive seen so much merch with it.

Probably because it was the officially trademarked crest of a currently active military unit, that they lifted without prior permission.

Second time for Canada’s military taking on Gaijin over trademark… there was also the Canadian Armoured Corps logo in April 2022 that was pulled.

I didnt know they tried adding the Iron fist of the RCAC, damn…

So weird since the have the R 22eR, 1sr Hussars, and the Canadian Army logo but they can’t have the only tank regiment in canada represented.

I think if you’re going to market a pre-order pack commemorating veterans of a specific unit in a specific war, if you’re going to lift the cap badge they all wore in battle you should at least offer to give a little of the proceeds back to those veterans, or they are going to have every right to complain. The forgotten vets of recent wars deserve better. And there’s a lot of us.

Im currently serving with LdSH and this just comes off like a slap in the face since they alreadys scuffed the tanks implementation in the game.

And I have the 5th Canadian Division logo on all my vehicles because that was my formation. If they took that one away too cause of trademark now, I wouldn’t really complain. (The difference there is they’re using the WW2 version, so I think they’re pretty safe.)

Trademarks are trademarks: they should ask the owner permission first if they’re going to use them to make money for themselves. And if not, they need to add them quietly in game (like they used to do with authentic decals), not make them a part of some big social media-enabled promotion dedicated specifically to sell product to people like yourself who know that logo, or some people WILL sit up and notice. That’s all that happened here.

The 5th Canadian Division decal came with the Canadian Stuart premium so it is the WWII version.

Its a shame this happened and hopefully they take steps in the future to prevent this.

Thank you for your service btw, were you with 2RCR or one of the schools if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m not mad at Gaijin about the decal (I did preorder it). IMO Military iconography should be public domain.
It is a really fun Vehicle to play and I definitely recommend it.


All owners were notified in game today:


I preordered it and got the same message, but didn’t get any GE. Is there perhaps a delay?

Lets just hope the snaill adds spall liners, DM53A1, and fixes the visual model.

that i doubt, considering DM53 is the best ammo we even got on 2a7v

DM53 wpuld be close enpugh imo. The Arietes already have it at 11.3.

Honestly we should get DM53A1/DM63A1 on the top Leopards anyway, it wouldn’t even be that much of a buff seeing as they already have blowout panels.

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