Pre-order: F-20A Tigershark

We’re announcing the brand-new premium F-20A Tigershark! Maneuverable, fast, a new powerful engine, and strong stubby wings plus an excellent selection of weapons is exactly the recipe to have some fun and be a real pain for the enemy team.

Pre-order — F-20A Tigershark Pack

The Kit Includes:


F-20A Tigershark: A Premium Jet Fighter for the USA at Rank VIII


  • Great top speed!
  • Variety of weapons.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • High flutter threshold.
Vehicle History

Engineers from Northrop Corporation developed the F-20A Tigershark as a deep modernization of the F-5G fighter with improved flight and characteristics at a low cost. This new aircraft received a new power plant consisting of a single General Electric F404-100 engine, advanced avionics and radar, plus an expanded range of weapons. It made its first flight in 1982, where a total of 3 were built for testing. At the time of its creation, the F-20A was a direct competitor to the F-16 fighter jet, but was inferior to it and did not go into mass production. The only surviving F-20A was transferred to the California Science Center and is currently on display as an exhibit.

Meet the F-20A Tigershark!

This jet fighter could easily be called an F-5 on steroids, as everything loved about this series of compact fighters is preserved and improved: great thrust, high roll rate, short but strong wings, and an excellent choice of guided and unguided weaponry. Let’s take a further look at one of the main new vehicles coming in the next major update called Alpha Strike, and the first Rank VIII premium: the F-20A Tigershark that can be pre-ordered starting from today!

Upon looking at the F-20A you’ll have noticed that the main external difference compared to the F-5 series is the rear fuselage, which is modified and fits just one General Electric F404-GE-100 turbofan engine. This engine alone produces significantly more thrust than the twin-engines found on the F-5E, meaning truly rocket-like capabilities and the ability to excel to a rate of climb of about 240 m/s, and a maximum speed of about 2200 km/h! To sum it up, imagine the maneuverability of the late F-5s, but enhanced by a very powerful engine: you get the F-20A Tigershark. Despite being compact and lightweight, this aircraft retains excellent resistance to high overloads to the fuselage and wings. As an example, you’ll easily be able to leave the combat area and any anti-aircraft radar coverage by diving sharply to tree-top level.

Thanks to this, the F-20A’s true calling is air dueling, as it has excellent control when at almost any speed, is fast in a roll and has an effective air brake. To help out, its wing pylons can mount up to 6 x all-aspect AIM-9L Sidewinders for those short-range engagements, or a pair of AIM-7F Sparrows for long-range engagements. In addition to this, this aircraft is also equipped with advanced electronics, an excellent radar, an RWR and a pair of fast-firing 20 mm M39A3 cannons, which have a good ammunition count and are mounted in the nose of this aircraft. For defense against in-coming missiles, there’s also a total of 45 flares and chaff that can be launched, and last but not least, a 30 mm gun pod can also be mounted.

Just like the F-5 series, the F-20A is not going to be out of place in ground battles, as this aircraft can drop regular bombs and fire rockets from low-altitudes. The cream of the crop though is its guided bombs in the form of 4 x AGM-65B air-to-ground missiles with a TV guidance head, best used from a higher altitude outside of the range of SAM vehicles that are commonly present at this rank.

In short, the F-20A is going to become one of the best vehicles in our store and will be available in the game with the release of the next major update. Don’t miss your chance to pre-order this awesome jet fighter to receive a special red and white camouflage, a decal, a unique in-game title, premium account days and Golden Eagles!


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 strange who would have expected it


Rank 8? What, so other nations get rank 8 premiums next patch aswell and ARH patch in summer will introduce rank 9?


It’s a pity that he is for the USA. I would buy it with great pleasure if it were for another nation or given to several of them…

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12.0 premium spam time


Wait a second, that’s a Great White Shark (Carcharadon carcharias), not a Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier)!


Tbf it could’ve been $80+. Still ridiculous though

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It’s a US prototype, no way it would have reached another nation bro,…

People are dreamming,…

Anyway, it will quickly become the only aircraft that cannot follow other people in gunfights ^^"
Despite the modernisation, the airflow limitation are still pretty similar to the F-5E → which can’t get even close to an early F-16A


This prototype was created for Taiwan, not for the USA. If not for this condition, this aircraft would not have existed at all, so note

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“We do not want our players to buy their way to the top. You can only get to it through skill and dedication”
-Gaijin Sep 8, 2016


The tiger shark‘s teeth look a bit ai generated


I called it :(

People gave me so much shit for saying it but here we are :(

11.7 rank 8 premium


If it’s only 11.7, then we need to move some other aircraft down. I’m guessing 12.0

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considering mirage 2k it would need to be atleast 12.0

Same price as Black Prince adjusted for inflation. ;)


I’d guess that someone asked the AI for “Tiger shark” because the AI has just slapped some tiger stripes on a “shark”


Dude, that’s a legitimate art style… Stop attributing real art styles used for a century… yes a century… to AI.

Wait. Wasn’t there a whole thing about NOT having top tier premiums?
Or is rank 9 coming this update as well?


So i quess we’ll have rank10 YF22 premium at 90€ next year?

This “inflation” like our dear razer put it is absolutely ridiculous.


75$ and lazy ai decal ahahah.

This airplane is going to be an op. It looks better than the f16 at 12.0.