Pre-Order: Centauro RGO and Strv 121B Christian II

Today we’re announcing two vehicles that can be pre-ordered before the next major update: the Centauro RGO wheeled light tank that’s in service with the Royal Guard of Oman, and the Swedish Strv 121B prototype that has its own name, Christian II.

Meet the Centauro RGO

The Centauro RGO is a special version of the Italian Centauro I wheeled light tank for the Royal Guard of Oman, which is built on a modern chassis and also features reinforced turret armor. Overall, this is one of the best light tanks in the game thanks to its max speed of over 100 km/h, a 120 mm gun that can fire effective sub-caliber shells, a thermal imager, a LWS/LR and a scout UAV. A legend of higher ranked battles, the Centauro RGO is a premium vehicle which is going to allow it to earn more Silver Lions and Research Points in battles. This pack comes with unique pre-order bonuses!

Pre-order — Centauro RGO Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • Centauro I 120 RGO (Rank 7, Italy)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • Pre-order bonus: “Djinn of All Deserts” title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique Arabian cobra decal


Meet the Strv 121B Christian II

The Strv 121B experimental tank was an attempt by the Swedish Army to bring the Strv 121 tank up to the level of the Strv 122. There was only one prototype built that had its own name of Christian II, which received updated electronics and a more modern smoke grenade launcher, but was not accepted into production due to the high cost of the project. In War Thunder, Christian II will receive a unique camouflage, a removable camouflage net and is a premium vehicle, which is going to allow it to earn more Silver Lions and Research Points in battles. Don’t miss out, as this pack comes with unique pre-order bonuses!

Pre-order — Strv 121B Christian II Pack

The Kit Includes:



Honk shoo honk shoo lmao


All must buy premiums. GG italy top tier, you will be missed.


Could this mean we are getting the Centauro 2!? o.0


Sweden officially has more leopard 2A4s than Germany now


What does the 121B have thats better than the 2A4? better have the good shell

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Yeah, really got to ensure Germany stays the discount version of Sweden.

And a 4th Centauro is really getting your value out of that vehicle model at least.


although I already have the entire Italian line, this 100% sure ends up in my pocket

yes 100% what we needed more premiums which means more new players at top tier and YES 11.3 is Top Tier instead of making Premiums maybe fix the issues the game has


Oh yes, another reskinned leopard 2 clone, even for 70 dollars…
But i think target audience will buy it)


I hope to soon know how much this changes compared to the techtree one (centauro)

Will you guys add tank horns? We need it, 38th parallel has too much traffic jam to the way hill down to the dam.

So are we going to see GALIX accurately modelled since it's on the 121B?


Since it’s 100% French it obviously hasn’t been fixed yet…


Sorry Germany got its one patch in the sun, back to being worse than Sweden

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Apparently this was acknowledged in a bug report but that was 5 months ago…

The 121B BR is 10.3 or what? If it is 10.3 why does it need 70 USD to buy

I wonder which premiums will be for the golden eagles then? And which country will get premium top tier tank for golden eagles?
All other nation or one?

Rank 7

From what I’m reading it seems like the most unique top tier premium we’ve had in a long time despite being on a leo 2 platform

The 2A4 and KVT are also rank 7. but they just need 65 USD