Potential bug - Abnormally large hitbox on shell and mismatched clientside/serverside destructibles

Recently had a situation where my HESH shell seemed to clip on a piece of destructible wood and vanish completely, (no explosion) - despite looking like it was going straight through the open gap - the wood collapsed, then reformed, and was still present after I came out of kill-cam.

So, what kind of bug am I actually looking at here?

Can you post the same sequence using the latest game replay anal-E-sys?

Sure, totally forgot about posting from replay

I took a selection of clips:
HESH Follow
Panther “POV”

Is this possible that the panther headlight swallowed the shell here, and then the resulting “explosion” only damaged environment? What i’m seeing is lots of missing details though - such as an actual explosion, or ANY kind of notification that I even hit the player