Post your favourite camo scheme (only unlockable+marketplace) NO 3RD PARTY SKINS

Just some fun - post ONLY 1 screenshot of your favourite camo scheme - ONLY unlockable/purchasable or marketplace - NO 3rd party “stuff” - ANY VEHICLE
Please state vehicle name and name of camo!

I will start - not my fave but all I have at hand ;)

American P38-E - Racing camo

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Well there’s a lots of historicial skin in WT live and other platforms…
And sometimes Gaijin won’t choose the best one like for ZBD04A they choose the one with biggest color error

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Well . . . . I am requesting ONLY unlockable+marketplace+golden eagle :)

There are plenty of them brother.

I think the default skin of the C.205 serie 3 is the best skin in the game.


Czech three tone splinter for the MiG-21 Lazur


JG71 camoflage for CL-13A Mk.5.

“JA-111” is also known as the CL-13 flown by Erich Hartmann.


Yak-3 . . . eSports


Oh and this one for the Bf-109 F-4/trop . . .60 - .80 GJN in the Marketplace . .

I swear this plane flies much better now and my results have vastly improved since putting this camo on . . like for reals . . . plus I look cool doing it . . . always a crowd pleaser


you put those decals there right?

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yes some, the Yak3 camo had next to nothing as far as decals, just the cool graphics. The Bf-109 I added the red cat on the wing tip(it’s on all my German planes) and the Axis griffin on the tail(also on all German planes) and then the DU DOCH NIGHT!!(“Definitely Not You!!” . . . again, on my German planes) . . the crosses, the number 5 and the small decal on the nose came with this particular skin, user made I believe, from the Marketplace. That standard, desert sand coloured camo just wasn’t doing it for me . . . lol.
I do my vehicles “Semi-Historical” . . use era specific camos as much as possible and then dress them up with what I imagine I would do if I was in the military from whatever country it is from, at that particular time. So a little bit personal, a little bit from the past & historical to a degree. Just how I have done it since I started playing. A little something extra to do(as if you might run outta stuff to do . . lol)

not to bad and i like it, yes prob not the best camo but who cares xD


The authentic IDF paint schemes. I hate that stock puke green even though it matches most WT maps better.

This one…

Mostly because it’s located to a place about 20 km from where I live so, you know, feels like home… :)
Costs 0.7 GJN ATM on the Market, but I bought it for like 0.2 GJN IIRC…


That is very cool, is it a museum or something?

price is good.

The camo is from a vehicle that was around the town Lázně Kynžvart at the end of the war. Today it’s a beautiful and calm piece of nature, woods, meadows and such. A very peaceful and quiet place to live and/or visit…

(picture from WT Live) WT Live // Camouflage by CmdNomad


I have so many but not willing to install WT to show (Union Jack Swift 1 and Typhoon tech tree marketplace one just off of memory)

I love the Japanese camos for vehicles 6.0+ from the marketplace; generally insane. Hopefully someone can show them.

You uninstalled?

Yep, 181 days ago. I just keep around like a bad smell. Narrowing of maps and increase in boring gameplay means my temptations to reinstall are rejected.

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do you squad with others and/or communicate in discord?

Or willing to?

No, been solo since my mate quit in 2017 (My AB air and ground years)

Trying life without the frustration so no plan as yet to return👍