Possible server crasher exploit (urgent)

In this replay, at the 2.44 mark, the server starts to lag like crazy, unsure if such info is visible but my PL had spiked up to 50% but my ping remained constant at a crisp 250ms, which suggests to me that it’s not a client sided issue

Everyone stopped moving and immediately i noticed that people were leaving without dying

what seems most weird to me is that this happens inexplicably and out of the blues from my perspective and i think i can assume for everyone else too, really seems to me that someone is using a lagswitch or perhaps just the server crashed or the server dns crashed or something, i’ve experienced this before in other games and it was usually a server crash exploit

the game turned out to be a complete steamroll after the enemy team left or got killed during the blackout, can someone please aid in any accounts? perhaps devs, would be nice
not sure how to report this with the gaijin bug report system as its kinda not a performance issue, and server crashes aren’t an option

replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

First, 240 milliseconds is a lifetime in computer cycles for a real time game. That is the opposite of crisp…

Second, lag switches were common when games were reliant on peer to peer networking. Most server side games have had protection measures in place against single high latency players for decades now. It typically just results in the player with the last data in an encounter to suffer the fate of being too late to the draw.

What it sounds like happened is the server had a hang. Not sure how Gaijin handles it’s servers but this isn’t infrequent anymore. It’s actually fairly common. It does make me wonder sometimes if they use shared systems due to how much it happens.

The other likely issue is that there was an issue with the route. If you had the same latency and other players also had an increase in packet loss, it could have been a router somewhere having a hiccup or rate limiting.

DNS would not have anything to do with it. There’s no need to lookup the IP addresses in either direction… That information is already present for both the client and the server once the game is in session.

This sounds fairly normal if you play consistently. It also sounds normal for not the best managed servers…