Possible Player Issue in earning a Nuke

Above I have attached something that caught my eye, i am confused and maybe it is just a bug.

I heard the Nuke sirens start to go off and naturally i like to check the game roster to see which side earned it however i did not see anyone, the game requires you to leave your vehicle to spawn in another including the nuke.

The enemy teams earned the nuke although the player that did the best had zero deaths(should be at least one)

Is this something that is new to the game? Where you arent penalized by destroying the vehicle you are in and instead lets you spawn in the nuke? Even if you have maybe the lowest possible requirement to spawn it?

From last major update you no longer need to leave vehicle in order to use nuke. New button will appear when nuke is almost ready and you can use it immediately when you have enough points.


Is that button specific to Pc players? I almost got a nuke yesterday and dont remember seeing the button coming up i was 102 sp off of one and im watching videos on youtube where buttons are showing up at around 2000 total sp

It should not be dependent on platform. I also do not know what is the specific number where button appears. For me it was mostly around 2350.