Possible bug on the GBU-8

I played the F-4E Phantom in GRB and i bring 4 GBU-8’s and they work at 11.0 . The problem is that once i lose the lock on one target without dropping the bomb it becomes bugged.

  1. Lock.
  2. lose the lock
  3. Seeker enters “searching for targets”
  4. Seeker doesn’t lock whatever you do

Is it a bug or is it something that i do wrong?

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I’ll check later and see if I can recreate the bug

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It should work on anything that has a GBU-8 and it can work even in test flight I think

Found something yet?

no i forgot to test it ill go test drive now

Ok so I just did a test drive with it
Heres the Steps I took:
1: 4x GBU-8
2: Takeoff, lock target
3: Lose lock
4: Lock target again

It successfully tracked and dropped, I had no issue.
I can send a video of it if you’d like.
I will test with a real match soon for further testing.

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I can send you a video of it today

Yeah I’d like to see how you got it.

Should work
just sign in with google