Possible addition of the Su-27SM in the next update

Should the Su-27SM(2) or (3) be added to war thunder?
as the FOX-3 update approaches the current Su-27 in the game, the Su-27S (or J-11 in the Chinese tree), would be the only 12.7 (along with the MIG-29G and mirage-4000)aircraft that lacks a FOX-3 missiles , an obvious solution to this exists:

The Su-27SM:

The Su-27SM is a midlife modernization to the Su-27S, which bring the Su-27 to the level of the F-16C in terms of multirole capability.

Weapon/hardware options:

  • 6X R-27R SARH+IOG
  • 2X R-27T IR+IRCCM
  • 2X R-27ET IR+IRCCM
  • 6X R-77 ARH+IOG+DL
  • 6X R-77-1 ARH+IOG+DL
  • 6X R-73 IR+IRCCM
  • 4X Kh-29T/ET/L Laser/TV
  • 2X Kh-31P/A ARM(anti-radiation missile)/ARH
  • 4X KAB-500Kr TV
  • 4X KAB-1500Kr TV
  • 1X N001V radar set

Su-27 variants that could be added:

  • Specialized role variants:

    • Su-27K (Su-33 “flanker-D”)
    • Su-27IB(Su-34 “fullback”)
  • extended range two seaters

    • Su-30SM
    • Su-30MK
  • Serial modernization (Seriynyy modernizirovannyy) variants

    • Su-27SM
    • Su-27SM2
    • Su-27SM3
  • Thrust vectoring variants

    • Su-35S/Su-35-1
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Not quite

Does MiG-29G get Fox-3s?

What about Mirage 4000?

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I changed it


F-16C doesn’t have the luxury of TV guided bombs that are Fire and Forget, especially not as huge as 4 KAB-1500! And due to how war thunder models HEAT vs HE, Kh-29s are much better than AGM-65s (Except G but you can only have 2 of those).
R-27ERs are also much much much better than Sparrows, so A2A is still better.

No one has ARMs yet, and Russia is the last country that needs them.

I don’t think that it shouldn’t be added though. I think the F-16C isn’t quite a true comparison due to the smaller payload, different type of weapons, and worse radar AAMs. But it would be a cool addition and I support this to be added in a major update.

In my opinion, laser guided bombs are better than TV guided ones, plus the F-16C gets the LITENING targeting pod, and yes, AGM-65s are absolute hot garbage, they can barely take out light tanks

I Said the Su-27SM would bring the Su-27S to an F-16C level in terms of multirole capability, as in the Su-27S we have in game cant match the F-16C as a multirole fighter, it can outmatch it in an air to air scenario (not its flight performance of course), but cant compare for air to ground,

I just put Kh-31 because they have them in real life, not because they should be added
at least until the AGM-88 gets added,

With the current way the ARH missiles preform, I agree with this point HOWEVER, its likely the R-77 will preform worse than the AIM-120A/B at long ranges due to the higher induced drag, and I do think the Su-27S would benefit from the upgraded RWR the Su-27SM gets, which at this point would pretty much be a requirement for a FOX-3 catch game

Japan’s F-15J and F-16AJ cant use ARH’s, they are not 12.7 but they are the best Japan has. Germany wont be getting ARHs until F4F-ICE or EF. If Su-27SM2 or 3 was added it would blow EVERYTHING out of the water and leave everyone except America and china without an equivalent.

Su-27 is already the best BVR plane and now give it the best CAS with even better BVR? Makes little sense to me, maybe in the future / when other planes are added but adding it now would be equivalent to giving Russia another pantsir level advantage.

Is this thing can match the flight performance of modern jet ?

Agree with this but not for ground RB though, i thing it should get ground pound version like the Su-27UBM, split it out like French TT is a good option

No not really, its an F4F with a fancy radar and modern missiles. It would suffer at higher BRs and destroy at lower ones. Similar to the current F4EJ-kai or Kurnass 2000 but at an even higher BR, I doubt it would effect the meta.

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The Su-27SMs are not needed in this patch. MiG-29SMT can carry a mix of 6: R-77s, R-27ERs, R-73s, and KH-29TDs, while having a modern RWR and Radar. It’s already a great striker. If you really want to get into the multirole Flankers then surely you would also agree it being time for Strike Eagles as well?

Fair enough

I don’t see how, except for changing targets if a tank happens to die before it hits. Its difficult to defend from SAMs and AAMs while maintaining LOS for the TGP.

I sure hope so, but if Gaijin is gonna treat Fox-3s like they treaty Fox-1s, R-77s are gonna be too good.

currently, this Su-27S is the best BVR plane but with the addition of Fox-3s it would suffer due to its poor RWR and radar, and even with R-77s the Su-27 wouldn’t be the best BVR plane, AIM-120A/B and MICA FOX-3s are better over long ranges,

the F-15J could use AAM-4s and AIM-120s with some modifications, and I don’t think Gaijin would have a problem doing that, currently, the JAS-39A in the Swedish tech tree uses the JAS-39C weapons
so I dont think they would completely ignore the F-15J issue

It’s not needed, but it would definitely be a cool addition, and yes the Mig-29SMT already does the job,

I definitely agree with this one, IF we ever get the Su-27SM or even SM3, the F-15E strike eagle needs to be added

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No, i think it would perform like the Yak-141, a good BVR machine but not a a good dogfhighter

Su-27SM would be great, a multirole is needed.

Is a time for Russia to get a multi role jet. For now yes Russia has a best BVR jet because of R-27er and best AG missles but Su-25sm has 1 main disadvantage AA radar missing, and if not have a support in air or SAMs Su-25sm is just a flying frag.

I assume Su-27SM better F-15E Strike Eagle in 2003 8%, especially close range tactic with 4th gen IR AAM and turn fight 1 on 1 tactic but F-15E CAS and ground attack better 7 or 10%

I guess USAF not integraded AIM-9X and not equipped with the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) until 2011 upgraded with the Raytheon AN/APG-82(V)1 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar,

I don’t think gaijin ready Su-27SM3 in 3 years but similar to F-15E with AN/APG-82(V)1 AESA radar and Shenyang J-11BG

Su-27SM has L-150 Pastel RWR and modified radar.