Poll: would you be ok with asymetric air power in top tier ground?

How would you feel about playing into asymmetric air power in top tier ground?
  • I would be happy with these changes
  • There are some good ideas here but more would need to change
  • CAS needs reworking but this is a bad way to do it
  • CAS fine how it is
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I dont think its any secret that some nations have better aircraft or anti-air in top tier ground (cough cough f16c or pantsir) but this is somewhat historically accurate do to warsaw pact dedication to ground based air defenses and nato efforts in close air support and wild weasel operations.

My question is how would people generally feel about playing into this asymmetric gameplay style and doing things like un-gimping pantsir and adding anti-radiation missiles and ewar systems. This could also lead into expanding the playable airspace to allow for less accurate standoff strikes and the introduction of long ranged air defense such as S300 or Patriot to defend against them. Maybe C-RAM systems to defend against incoming threats.

As it stands we are more or less at the edge of what can be added for both close air support and anti air defenses in the current system, and I dont think anyone is satisfied with how it plays.

The overall solution is obviously to add a ground-only mode but gaijin has demonstrated that they are reluctant to do that (and with somewhat good reasoning given that it would make a lot of close air support planes and anti air systems useless) so Im trying to think up ways how cas vs anti-air could become less of a “who shoots first” system

War thunder is not ready for this big of a step, it has A LOT to fix before adding a lot of stuff, including most of this. If war thunder was ready and good sure add it!

This fine gentleman is correct, Warthunder is not at all ready for Electronic Warfare systems nor emplaced air defense systems.

Electronic Warfare systems like jamming and ECCM would complicate the living daylights out of top tier. The way they addressed SARH and ARH missiles and their accuracy was to overdo it with the multipathing to provide protection from those missile types. Look at the IRCCM IR missiles right now, they absolutely DOMINATE because they have very little to counter them effectively. Jamming pods would be great, but ECCM would have to be modeled along side it otherwise you’d have planes like the Su-39 that can’t be shot down by an IR missile in rear aspect because the IRCM is somehow more powerful than the missiles IRCCM. Even wire guided missiles are jammed by IRCM for some reason, even though it has nothing to do with the guidance type.

Emplaced air defense is a whole other beast. Those missile systems are more advanced and more powerful than Aircraft radar suites. They will track you regardless of direction you are travelling (all aspect PD), they will track you if you are jamming them by tracking your jamming signal, they will find your small radar signature, they will lock you and shoot you down from FAR beyond current strike capabilities. Warthunder has a ton of work to do before the thought of fighting against these systems would be viable for aircraft to accomplish.