(Poll) Will scouting ever get reworked?

  • Scouting needs a rework
  • Scouting is fine as-is

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It often doesn’t scout the target aimed at, plus it has a long cool down. This makes it very frustrating to use. And then you have the issue that it expires right as the target dies, with no way to “refresh” the scout.

I would post in suggestions but from my experience, most posts get deleted or never approved. And I would figure it’s been suggested before, but the “list of previously suggested gameplay suggestions” doesn’t mention anything about scouting.

The scooting conditions are broken…
Sometimes, you can spot just a pair of antena behind a hill at 2000m but you can’t spot a fully visible tank in your binocular at 800m…

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Scouting is completly useless.

Just had a macth where 7 out of 8 scouting attempts failed despite of me holding still and that i could see the whole enemy.

They either need to fix this mess or lower how many things we have to scout in tasks.

I think the vote need to be separated a little, I do believe scouting needs rework but hope to nerf the current scouting (if not remove completely), e.g. making scouting active only when constantly pointing to enemy.

Nerfing / constant aiming would be considered a rework. The idea of the poll is just to illustrate how many people think scouting needs to change, not what the change needs to be.