[POLL] Removing the AIM-9M From the F-15A Baz and lowering its BR

Do you support the removal of the AIM-9M missile from the Israeli F-15A and a reduction in BR?
  • Yes
  • Yes if the US and Japanese F-15 get moved up to 12.7
  • No (Pls reply with why)
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Currently the Israeli F-15A Baz is no different from the American F-15A and removing its AIM-9M but keeping it at a slightly lower br would make it more unique and more “historical” and make it a better BVR fighter since really it is the only BVR fighter Israel currently has.


oops i didn’t know editing the poll would reset it

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i don’t think removing 9m from Baz is necessary, coz it’ll get sucked up to the top br (12.3-12.7)anyway
unless you want to decrease the br below 12.0

which i don’t really support either way


The f15 is still really good whitout the missiles, it would be to op in lower battle ratings

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also 100% accurate depiction of real life doesn’t really mean 100% fun in game

and this is a game after

It still gets beaten by the Gripen, F-16, Mirage 2000 in a dogfight and others I don’t remember


Lets remove Aim-9M from Baz and Python-4 since that was the main missile it used.


Remove 9M and just let those 15As sit at 12.0, 9M could come next year with 15Cs and AMRAAM.

And get dominated by R27s, mig29,su27,and the gruppen.

Would rather see the 9M replaced with the Python 4 than remove the 9M, same with the Barak II.

If Japan can get the AAM-3, I believe it’s perfectly plausible for the Python 4 to come as well.


i think that is better for israel to Upgrade the “Baz” we have now to “Baz Meshupar” which is an A variant upgraded to C standars and the Baz Meshupar have access to Python-4s soo… it seems more viable to do this than lowering his BR, the Japanese F-15C (J) recived the AAM-3 (1991) which is contemporaneous with the Python-4 (1994) both missiles shares the same seeker technology i see no problem here and it would be more fair against the Flankers. @Smin1080p

This is the Baz Meshupar

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currently the AAM-3s are just bit better AIM-9Ms it has the same IRCCM as the AIM-9M currently

There’s no chance removing the 9Ms will significantly lower it, look at the .3 difference between the F-16C and the others stuck with 9Ls.
You still won’t get downtiered and now you’ll be stuck with worse missiles, there’s no upside to doing that.

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the AAM-3 IRCCM is actually better than the 9M and the IRCCM of the R-73 i tested a lot yesterday with my friend comparing all the IRCCM missiles in the game and the AAM-3 is really hard to flare, his IRCCM is better its what it is, is a missile from 1991 is suposed to be like that, thats why am giving the option of putting the Python-4 in the Baz and change the Baz to Baz Meshupar, it would be more fair against the Flankers. PS: for the Barak II too because is going to have a lot of troubles fighting against the Flankers is the heaviest F-16 it loses a lot of energy turning and it doesnt have the AoA that the Flankers have + the R-73 + HMD.

no its the exact same IRCCM method as AIM-9M

you know that the IRCCM have some tweaks right? yes is the same IRCCM technology am not saying otherwise but the IRCCM have some code behind that makes the IRCCM works better or works worse you know that?

and actually the Python-4 in the files have the same IRCCM technology soo… i see no problem in adding the Python-4 too.

Python 4 in the files has FOV+Seeker shut off, AAM-3 is literally the same seeker shut off as AIM-9M. another issue is the AAM-3s don’t even seem to hit their full 40 Gs apparently though that is more hearsay rather then confirmed.

i’m not saying Israel should not get Python 4s im just trying to put down a bit of the hype around AAM-3s currently

yes the Python-4 has FOV + seeker shut off but having both IRCCM could be contraproducent because the seeker shrinks to 1.2 degrees and if the targets is flearing properly when the seeker shut off it gives to the enemy jet the time to avoid the Missile manouvering because it could get more easily off from the seeker view. this is my scientific explanation of what it should be the Python-4 seeker functionality. it would hard to avoid yes but not impossible and in my personal opinion a little bit easy to avoid than the AAM-3 and something more the Python-4 have smoke soo you can see the missile coming and that gives you time to react.