[POLL] Making the Spike-LR2 of the Namer-30 actually NLOS

I doubt that is what he is referring to. Instead I believe that its this: Community Bug Reporting System. Kh-38s coming towards you can now be intercepted quite trivially by the ADATS which provides at least a little counterplay to them.

I’m pretty sure they loft over your radar’s search arc regardless

that would have to be a really high launch (from somewhere like 8-9km alt I think). Regular launches (which all SM3 players I have encountered do) are really easy to detect. From there, intercepting the missiles aimed at you is a piece of cake (except for the chaparral, type81 and TOR from what I have heard).

Biggest problem is intercepting missiles aimed at friendly ground targets as I haven’t been able to intercept those reliably yet. This is getting off topic though.

Yes, but a little bit of a no…
(I’m putting my vote as yes because I want to test them out to see how it will work out ingame)

1: with the way spikes are damaging vehicles right now, I think this wouldn’t be broken in the slightest.
2: it doesn’t have many missiles, so limited capability with this feature making it not toooo overpowered.
3: if the way it’s implemented is that the view isn’t third person, but rather the view of the seeker in the head of the missile, it would be a lot more balanced and fair.

1: if spikes are buffed it could be quite overpowered, especially given the fact there’s no way to counter this at all…
2: as mentioned above, there’s practically no way to counter this missile, unless you just pray it will go goofy and “hit” you.
3: Spawn-camping, SPAA killing, and being virtually unkillable while sitting at a spawn point and reloading for the game. I know a lot of people would love to do this on the big maps especially…
4: if this thing (Namer RCWS-30) or any other tanks to feature this weapon and its capabilities gets a micro recon, not sure if it does atm, then it could be quite potent in the hands of a skilled player.

My brain saw “negative armor” and idk why but suddenly I imagined shooting a tank and you recover that damage. Gaijin write this down as an April fools event please lmfao

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If it made soviet main suffer then YES

lmao and also the Israel pictures that show the turret position from all angles and the APS positioning on the hull. if you cannot use basic points to determine location/size of something then dont bother trying to argue because the pics dont lie when you piece them together even exlcuding the chinese APS pictures (not like there isnt Israel APS pictures showing the same thing but whatever) oh an videos

Either way NLOS addition is a not balanced, even if 2 were added (still have to account for multiple Namer 30s in a match) but yh whatever

Personally, considering how quickly CAS spawns and how fast games end, I don’t think the vehicle would be able to just spam spikes if this was allowed. Even if the spike was good, which they are clearly not intending to make it good based on the developer’s comments, it wouldn’t pose that big of a threat due to the limited count of the missile.

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Russia has a similar missile fired from helicopters called LMUR so…