[POLL] Cap CAS and SPAA BRs in ground battles

If ground can keep progressing in terms of AFVs of all sorts, but CAS is limited to aircraft with unguided bombs and rockets, helicopters with only guns and rockets, and SPAA is limited to guns only, the game could be much more positively chaotic, fun, and skill-based with much lower elements of gameplay discouragement.

  • Limit CAS and SPAA BRs in ground
  • Keep ground RB as-is

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Going all the way around just not to add the mode just for tanks which would solve all the problems with balance (talking about balance between ground and air).


This is unrelated to that suggestion. I think CAS is workable and adds a nice verticality element (if Gaijin fixes maps that would be even better) and allows Gaijin to nicely implement helicopters which don’t really have an appeal because of just how deadly SPAA became due to the never ending loop of CAS vs SPAA. But if they’re only given weapons that allow players to actually hear/see the aircraft and even retaliate with regular tanks, this can be workable.

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You just want to ‘nerf’ already implemented things without resolving the issue that people have. You will just make all sides mad without doing anything sensible.

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Definitely no. I want as many aircraft as possible sometimes when doing dailies.
Like last week when I killed ~9 aircraft with IL-2M and I-185.
Or 3 aircraft using F-16ADF.

This suggestion is for ground battles. It has nothing to do with air battles.

Adding vehicles to the game =/= implementing them. Gaijin sure has added many high tier CAS aircraft over the years, but has done nothing to actually integrate them properly into GRB.

If they’re willing to go into fantasy realms and pull out ground vehicles that are just far more resilient to CAS than in-game vehicles, sure. Otherwise nope.

I was talking about two ground battles, as indicated by the fact I spawned in 2 planes in one match for one of them.

I don’t even understand to what You are responding to really.

Your suggestion will only make things worse for everyone and not solve a single issue.

Feel free to vote “No”.

The least they could do is increase SP cost.

I don’t see the benefit in removing a large swathe of the gameplay the game has to offer. Many vehicles only exist to be used as CAS in GRB.

The issue with CAS in game is case vs SPAA is extremely imbalanced in favor of CAS. SPAA as a true counter to CAS is very limited.

A tank only mode would be the reasonable decision. If that doesn’t work, heavily restricting CAS or making SPAA a true counter should be a priority.

well most things can be balanced if gaijin models accurate defense systems of vehicles.
one such example is the MUSS which would detect missiles incoming (like a MAWS) and deploy thermal smoke (white phosphorus smoke grenades) in the direction of the threat.

What if I told you that air RB is poorly designed, and can accommodate CAS and bombers better? And also that new game modes can be created for them.

Obviously, but that is a massive change for the game and I doubt they’ll do it soon, also it still doesn’t make sense to artificially gimp everything.

They’ve focused all their efforts over a decade on adding vehicles and nothing else like maps, balance, game modes etc. Maybe now it’s time they hire GAME developers and develop a game.

No, CAS is fun how it is.


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I play whatever the hell I want, deal with it.