[POLL] Add or not add newer planes before new functions/mechanics?

In my personal opinion Gaijin should not add newer jets before the functions and mechanics of those jets exists within the game.
As it is currently there are several modern planes that lack a large amount of functions they have IRL and we are at a point (or perhaps even recently past that point) where the addition of those planes barely add anything to the game other than new munitions and verity of choice at the top tiers.

This Severely takes away from the otherwise hard rule Gaijin has of adding things to vehicles only if they had it IRL and it can be proven. Now we are at a point that we can prove things the vehicles had but the function isn’t coded in the game so it cant be added to the vehicle.
The biggest issue with this comes when they add vehicle variants whose upgrades almost all fall under that category (just look at the JAS39C and all the upgrades it got IRL that does not yet exist within the game).

Not only that but many of the top tier jets have flight models that cannot be modeled in game as the game currently stands. this means that the negative stability that almost all modern jets have has to be approximated using conventional stability calculations and formulas. This creates issues when trying to model these jets as the difference in stability changes with speed, AoA and many other factors.

I think it is time to slow down the vehicles additions and make a few larger updates where the primary focus is adding mechanics to the game, changing the underlying code to be able to more accurately model modern jets, improving quality of life and fixing LONG standing bugs/historical issues.

Vehicle addition speed:

  • Pause vehicle additions
  • Fewer vehicle additions
  • Keep additions at current speed
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  • One major update
  • Two or more major updates
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Instead focus on:

  • QoL
  • Bug/Historical issues
  • Vehicle mechanics
  • Background code, FM, Physics, etc.
  • All of the above
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  • I don’t agree and have a different solution explained in the comments
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I will edit the main post with suggestions ideas from the replies below:


I agree, this game definetly need to stabilise its: Code, mechanics, damage system & models.

This all before gaijin adds more darn vehicles with the same problem damage model. The more they add the bigger the issue is darnit!