Polish F-16 for Germany, instead of F-4F ICE

Did spain use a 18C or 18A?

Regardless I think we’ll see an AIM-9M/AIM-7M A hornet first at 12.7 and an amraam C hornet after that.

Mainly because they have so far always added the A variant of a US 4th gen fighter first and usually had 1 update between new US 4th gen fighters/multirole aircraft with the exception being the F-14B and F-16C.

However the latter part changes a little bit depending on what you do with the F-111B, because I honestly don’t know if that is considered a 4th gen or a fighter.


After testdriving a bit with AGM-65 Mavericks … Can someone confirm that the old bug is back?

It seems that you can’t lock ground targets with Mavericks anymore, when you used IR or Radar lock to shot down enemy planes before. Means when you start the testdrive and take off, you can go for the ground dummy targets as supposed. As soon as you locked an enemy plane to shot it down, you just can’t lock any ground npc anymore.

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Can you show me any messages that would confirm this?
From what I know this couldn’t be further from the truth because Argentina for example was denied to be a sub tree of Germany.

argentinia yes, but india, romania , norway and denmark are official
here is one of those, just ignore his upsy of switch denmark with dutch lol
Here is one of those https://youtu.be/2GPyb0U-29c?t=1722

Well, he’s got a point here. It’s 862(?) SP for 2xMavs, other jets can be spawned with more ordinance for the same cost.

here is another one

Id say the turn for balance is due to the adding of newer and better vehicles before the game was ready for it(F-14 being a example) and introduction of weapon systems to some nations while others just don’t have access to anything close.

Like people wanted the ICE to come to the game long ago(with SARH place holders) and for some reason they saved it until 4th gen+ jets with ARHs were added.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if the game was only the best jets fighting each other but once you throw in cannon fodder non meta jets it really becomes a issue.

Okay to be fair this one is absolutely supported by real life lmfao

Personally I think this a really awful idea, especially with Germany being one of the many reasons why Poland couldn’t produce, if this was done then that would mean Gaijin would have to probably add the rest of Polish vehicles, that means for all ranks, that means instead of fighting the enemy panzer in your TKS for example, he would be your team mate, this would leave a largely unhistorical mark and would make the Polish War Thunder community REALLY pissed, a better solution would be the Austrian or Swiss F18.


Austria has no real aircraft as option just saying.
Spain for possible cas or swiss for pure a2a would be the options realy

Topic is about modern F-16 and you came up with TKS tankette from almost 100years ago…

If your going to add another nations vehicle, your of course going to probably add more than one, thats why Im talking about the TKS, it would have a large problem with historical accuracy from rank 1 to 4. This reminds me, doesn’t Argentina already have a TAM 2C in the german tech tree, and Argentina is having their F16’s delivered next year, wouldn’t that make addition make way more sense?

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I can agree with Germany getting Swiss vehicles, with Spain not so much.

Well, doesn’t Germany have Leopard 2PL and Lim2?

Britain has more polish vehicles then germany. So your point is pretty obsolete

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Leopard 2PL because it’s a Leopard 2
Lim because it’s an imported airxraft that was in German service…

No, they do not, so your point is pretty obsolete

What country’s crew is inside that tank? What voice do they have?

Sherman IC "Trzyniec, ORP Garland
Its the same number so your point is still obsolete. And most polish event decals require you to play UK vehicles

As example


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