Poland as a playable nation

Poland as playable nation that would unite Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia.
These nations under the banner of Poland would make a great addition to War Thunder


Aren’t there Hungarian tanks in the Italian tree?
What’s important is you tried.

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if not Hungarian then some other slavic nation, there are options

With the unfortunate addition of Hungary to the Italian tree the V4 concept can’t work anymore, but Czechoslovakia and Poland together would make for a wonderful addition!

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Replace Hungary with Yugoslavia then it’s probably the most viable addition as a new tech tech tree.

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Hell no

Only other immediate options are a united Korea and the nonsense of Benelux.

CZ/PL and Yugoslavia could both work very well separated, both still being better than the nations you mentioned.

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Many of the Slavic nations hate each other. Slavic is a very broad term. Past history rears its ugly head all too often and I think Gajin tread very carefully now days.
Trouble is people always want and demand complete and balanced tech trees and that is impossible in many cases. They end up causing more issues than they solve.

The last forum was overburdened with people trying to form countries into alliances many of which never existed in order to try and create tech trees. They generally ended up with huge amounts of copy and paste and modern vehicles at a very low BR.

Years later nothing ever came of any of them accept Israel which is something of a mess.

Please dont… IT would be another pointless grind od copypaste vehicles

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The thread about Ukraine is quite absurd and I believe that it should not appear in the game, especially as a sub tree in the USSR,As for Poland, the problem is that it cannot be added as a sub tree,As for Poland, the problem is that it cannot be added as a sub tree,Because as a Pole, I think that adding us to the USSR or Germany will be a POWERFUL insult to Poland,I am inclined to what they wrote above, i.e. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc., as a large country with Poland,There is still an option to add Poland to France, but we have nothing in common technologically.

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It’s not entirely possible to add even a t34m1-2 with 5.7 stabilization for Poland, etc., there are many interesting vehicles in PL/CZ

This is the same old problem.

Can we add some interesting vehicles to the game without adding a whole tree?

It has been suggested before to have a miscellaneous section. Not sure of the answer. Finland just ended up as more Copy/Paste.

People often mean well with their suggestions, but Political history is complicated and far reaching. Always a reason why not.

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angry you can’t have them all in france eh?

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but yeah poland and czechoslovakia can be a very strong tree, they have to be added eventually

You guys cope do much…
That TT would be just like any other one with some uniqe vehicles that been modified but most od TT would be a copy.
There is only some ground stuff, no air at all.
Look at Finland and Hungarian line.
It’s better to add PL/CZ vehicles as event or premium ones since they are not fully made by them

There’s a lot of cope as to why certain nations can’t go certain places, meanwhile we have Warsaw PACT Hungary in Italy, a united-split Germany, Taiwan in China, the Praga in the Soviet tree etc.

Gameplay quite clearly comes first, so something like Yugo with a Polish and Czech subtrees is most likely possible.

Yes as subtrees but nothing more.

No air at all… except for the excellent low tier, attackers/trainers throughout all tiers and modifications to imported aircraft.

To say most of the tree would be copy/paste is ignorant of what these nations have on offer and is a parroted statement by people who haven’t looked into the nation’s capabilities proper, which is quite well shown by your comment about air vehicles.


Hungary was added to Italy under the pretense of “minor axis”.

PRC and ROC share a tree mainly because there hasn’t been a unified China for the relevant time period of War Thunder, with both having claims that they are the true Chinese government.

BDR and GDR sharing a tree is fine because successor states are part of larger trees. In this case they are successors to WW2 Germany.

CZ/PL and Yugoslavia have no such connections historically to warrant them sharing a tree nor do they have a practical need to, considering that CZ/PL and Yugoslavia can easily work on their own with no outside help (though both would be candidates for having sub-trees incorporated in them anyways).