Poland as a playable nation

Russia and Ukraine are some of the successor states fo the USSR, but people get up in arms over that.

I don’t think the Czechs, Poles or Yugos can stand alone though, they’d all have large gaps at certain points.

The difference is that this is an active warzone…
We don’t see Palestinian vehicles in the Israeli tree, do we?
Had Ukraine been better represented prior to the war then I don’t think the controversy would’ve been so large in the forum as to how to implement the nation.

I am curious as to what you would consider gaps in these trees too, as I think they would generally be very well balanced trees.
Sure, Yugoslav ground at lower tiers wouldn’t be as good as rank IV+ and mid tier for CZ/PL would be more copy/paste than the rest, but there are no major BR gaps that I would be aware of.

It seems to me that many countries are hard to add because they don’t have an air force and they have big gaps there, maybe they have good tanks, but they don’t have planes

That wouldn’t be the nations being talked about, especially if CZ and PL were added together.

There’s be to much copy paste compared to Korea or Eastern Europe. So they shouldn’t be as much of a priority compared to considering another nation to implement as an entire tech tree.

That’s just blatantly false.

The Koreas for example would be way worse off on the aviation side of things, being almost exclusively copy paste bar some South Korean modification to certain foreign airframes (which aren’t even that distinct compared to what some others may have) and the recent South Korean light fighter/trainer.
For ground Benelux would have a much weaker case for MBTs, sure, but their light vehicles, SPAAs and tank destroyers would for the majority be unique.

Eastern Europe has a whole lot of diverse upgrades for their imported equipment, but (with few exceptions) would still have less overall domestic hulls. We are still largely talking about upgraded BMPs and T-xx vehicles as well as many “auxiliary vehicles” to call them so.
On the aviation side Benelux would have it worse in air than a bunch of Eastern European countries, but it would be dishonest to act like Eastern European aviation side of things would have so much less copy paste. The main difference is that Eastern European nations managed to develop local jet airframes, which is something Benelux struggled with.

I’d argue Benelux is one of the better potential candidates for a future tree. though definitely not on the top.

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Eh, I still think it’s lower priority then the other two.
I don’t find Benelux brings enough to be interesting.
Eastern Europe is still the best option for a new tech tree, especially because most of its top tier would be NATO compatible T-series and other vehicles like DANA.

Eastern Europe should be added in several trees and sub-trees, adding it as a single thing is an utter bastardisation of all involved.

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yeah obviously if you take half of europe and compare it to 2 nations with a total population of less than 30 million (today) you’re gonna have a weaker side.
that’s a dishonest comparison at best

If a standard tech tree can have 5 lines to be considered complete, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as you think.
Because I think NATO compatible vehicles should be their own thing, which if they were paired they wouldn’t have as large amounts of copy paste.

Yugoslavia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. Is it that hard to understand that it isn’t being recklessly thrown together and that they eventually joined NATO?
Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia split into smaller states but that doesn’t mean their history doesn’t mean anything.

oh yeah sure, well then i guess we’ll just throw switzerland and the benelux together, they were all neutral at some point
as much as i wish it could work, it just doesn’t.

poland is great on its own, no need to melt it into a bloated tree that doesn’t make sense

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CZ/PL ground could easily have 5 lines as, could Yugoslavia…
Their aviation could also be decently sized.

What an utter disrespect to all the nation’s histories.
This is like saying Netherlands would be a good addition to UK just because they both have royal families…

Ok bud. They have NATO compatible vehicles and are former Soviet states. Netherlands should be a part of Germany because of their combined land component anyways.

You can keep throwing around “disrespect” and make weird comparisons all you want. But adding in nations as entire tech trees when Escargot can barely maintain the current tech trees already in game is asking for way more then you can realize.

Yugoslavia was not part of the Warsaw pact nor do the successors share any other military alliance than NATO. It had a completely separate military industry, unlike CZ/PL, which shared a lot of equipment that they both developed domestically.
Yugoslavia used Western equipment during the Cold War, unlike the Warsaw Pact that Yugoslavia didn’t even make part of.

Why don’t we add Venezuela to France?
They both use languages derivative of Latin, both had a strong capitalist economy with people who tend to revolt.
Makes perfect sense right?

CZ and PL at least have shared historical alliances and often had very similar equipment while there wouldn’t be a huge controversy between Czechs, Poles nor Slovaks for sharing a tree.
Yugoslavia has nothing to do with this.
To say it should be part of a tree shared with CZ and PL is like saying any of these nations should be part of the USSR. Same logic applies there anyways, so it would make sense right?

And no, I am not asking for more than I realize because Gaijin themselves stated more playable nations are coming in the future, by which they mean tech trees.

Poland as an independent tech tree. They’ve got plenty of vehicles and it’d be a shame if any were crowded out.

Czechoslovakia similarly can be an entire, independent tree.

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I do not want to read any political and historical-political posts here.
Any more posts like this will be punished with warning.

Why is the Benelux nonsense