Points per kill?

Hi Tankers,
last match i kill one enemy and get killed one time. And become only 108 Points and only 20 Points for kill. Is that a bug? How can it be?[

The kill reward/score is up to BR difference, if the target being killed has extremely low BR (e.g. BT-5) while yours in high BR, you’ll get very little benefits.

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It was a 3.7 and i had 7.7. But 20 points for a kill is far to low. Its not my problem, when he is driving below 6.7 in a 7.7-8.7 match.

So you answered your own question and hopefully learnt score is relevant to particular actions and not JUST killing and capping (depends what you kill/hit/damage and what you are, plus activity and scouting and so on).

Sadly not enough work this out for thenselves and now the game plays like Crèche Thunder!

In the old forum there was a great chart showing score/RP/SL earnt from different actions by different vehicle types, which was very handy (and shows up a few of the myths some players spout about earnings).