Point Bombing task not working

This task really sucks in Naval, unless you get lucky with some small boat. I know I have to kill player units, not bots for this. The task is asking to use 120 kg bombs or less. I’m using 250 lbs (stat sheet says 260lbs), so it’s still less than 120 kg.
I though I’m on my way of getting this task done. As I don’t play ground RB where this would be the most convenient, Naval really sucks for this task, as I constantly get uptiered to +0.7-1.0 BR. Really hard to do anything when there is a wall of lead coming in your direction. I got 2 player kills, yet the count still stays at ZERO. What gives? I’m really tired of these constant hoop jumping just to get something done. Why am I paying for all these chores that never end? This constant Uptier Thunder must end!

Btw, why are so many AI names so vague and I often see players adopting names that sound like some of these AI ones. It’s very confusing with all the bots in game and all these different names.

starts tomorrow no?

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Lol, on the 4th. Thanks for the correction. I’m just tired of this event and don’t see straight. Started limiting my grind, as I’m sick of it already. So many tasks to do and they just keep on coming. What’s the point of this anymore? I’m paying for the BP, so I can have some weird chores to do.

The point for me has always been to give the company as little money as possible, in situations where grinding can get me the same result, because of various things (including tolerance of botting) that I am rather disappointed in them over currently. You’ve heard of hate-sex? This is a hate-grind :) YMMV.

Its still not working for me, got quite a few kill in SM.91 with 100kg italian bombs. None fo them worked for the task

Has to be a rank 3+ plane.

this was one of the easiest special tasks ever. On the other hand we have this silly task to kill 30 players at more than 30km/h (in ground mode) which I refuse to do.

sm.91 is a rank 3 plane, also tried russian 100kg on russian tier2 IL-2M

try arcade with t34 goes pretty fast

Yeah you might want to check that.

Yeah it was rank III now II. nonetheless why is2m from rank III is not working either? also p108B Serie 2 from rank III also didnt count