Pochopení logiky Gajinu

Somehow I can’t understand saving some machines in BR zones. I’m currently playing Japanese Tree in ground RB battles. I can’t understand this machine thing, for example. The Type 87 RCV machine on BR 7.7 has DM63 game ammunition. The SUB-I-II machine has the same ammunition on BR 5.3 and it’s already hot there, it’s hard to do what it’s supposed to do on BR 7.7?!! I’ll tell you, it doesn’t do anything at all. That Fox machine on BR 7.0 has better ammo than these two machines combined. I don’t understand who and how determines the inclusion of BR in tree zones.

Gaijin doesn’t have experience with their game and so they are unaware of vehicles and their capabilities.

The FOX will eventually be moved up.

The reason the Type 87 RCV (P) is 7.7 is due to its speed and inclusion of a stabilizer.

It’s understandable when the ammunition doesn’t do anything at all and it’s classified as a light tank. I’m talking about the Type 87, the ammo won’t do anything on this BR, so the stabilizer and the speed are probably a bit pointless. Occupy the zone as quickly as possible, but even there, equally fast machines with better ammunition will arrive. Sometimes this thinking of Gajin baffles me. That he doesn’t try it before he puts it somewhere?!

You should not be playing this vehicle to engage tanks. Your job is to scout and to harass while hunting for other light vehicles.

Same exact style as the Wiesel 1A4 at 7.3 but you’re larger and lack Gen 2 thermals.

You have limited penetration but only the Soviet super heavies and vehicles you can’t pen from the rear / side.

If this playstyle isn’t reasonable to you then you should skip the vehicle it’s a waste of time.

As I stated previously Gaijin does not play their own game they have no concept of what goes on in War Thunder beyond W / L data.

Yeah, I wonder why Ki-84 hei Hayate sits on Arcade rating 7.7 for several months now. There is no other explanation than that it is a mistake.

Even the weak ones don’t give much, so I shot at the Swedish U-SH 405 machine and I didn’t do any major damage to it. After a while, a teammate destroyed it.
But it’s probably true, they don’t really care about this, they are quite behind in this against WOT.

I would say that the Japanese have a lot more mistakes.

What matters to a vehicle’s performance is more than ammunition. That being said, the Fox being at 7.0 crazy and I’m certain that it will be moved up eventually.

That will certainly work, BR has nothing to do with this