Plz, Shenyang J-5 should go to 9.0

Shengyang J-5, although equipped with afterburners and early IR missiles, is significantly outdated in terms of basic performance compared to contemporary aircraft. Its maximum speed is 1114 km/h, far behind other aircraft of similar BR like the F-100 and MiG-19, which have maximum speeds of 1412-1421 km/h. Even with afterburners, the Shenyang J-5 cannot catch up with them nor can the IR missiles it carries. Not to mention the F-104 with a top speed of 2065 km/h or Yak-38M which already has R-60 missiles similarly as a subsonic fighter, further worsening the survival environment for the Shenyang J-5. Currently, among all 9.3 BR aircraft, the weakest one is the Shenyang J-5. It has the slowest speed, only 1114 km/h. Its air-to-air and ground-attack capabilities are also the weakest. Even F3H-2 still has a faster speed (1140 km/h) and better air-to-air weaponry (AIM-7C) and ground attack capabilities (3000-pound bombs).


So where would the regular MiG-17 go that is far worse, that is already at 9.0?

Also, joke comment.

Now that’s quite the take. PL-2s are just Wish. com AIM-9Bs, not exactly great, but totally standard and usable for the tier. On the other hand, the AIM-7C is near unusably bad, to the point that I stopped bringing them and instead opted for AIM-9Bs instead.

You should focus less on top speed (Especially against outliers like the F-104), and instead focus on the things that actually win dogfights, like energy retention, acceleration, turn performance, etc. Areas in which the J-5 easily beats every plane you’ve listed here in 2 or more areas.

Old missile + old radar = useless. Even 9B is better.

lmao. Clearly you have never used that jet or that missile

Ture, dude.
Be other conterparts worth 9.3 or not, Shenyang J-5 is absolutely not a fighter ready for this supersonic world.
It’s just a Mig-17, even with afterburner, what air battle capability can we expect or squish from her?
I know and I do aware that its Cuba conterpart at Soviet TT in 9.0 doesn’t have afterburner, but now J-5 is just the absolute victim of old version meta balance and BR compression.
Now if we put Mig-17 at 9.3, it will fight Mig-19 and Mig-21, which is incredibly absurd as hell. Like, say, Mig-19 is better at energy retention, king of loop, and Mig-21 is better at supersonic, king of BZ, what does a 9.3 Mig-17 have to fight these two?
Mig-17/Mig-19/Mig-21 in the same BR, devs, plz do think again…

Skill issue

Can’t wait to see Lim-5P which has afterburner move up to same BR with Shenyang F-5.

We just need decompression, having to go up against all aspect missiles from A-10s and Su-25s and whatnot is impossible without speed or flares.


Just like the Ariete and Lim-5P, the Shenyang F-5 should be at 9.3. All three of these aircraft absolutely dominate most 8.7s/9.0s. The biggest issue here isn’t the fact that these aircraft are Over-BR’d, it’s that theres some pretty extreme compression past 8.0.