PLS Gaijin nerf the Z19's missile

The Z-19’s missile are honestly over-powered, it can’t be dodged, it can’t be flared


I agree with you. Same about the Stingers from Ozelot/Gepard/Type 93. If they were hard to flare - okay, but being completely resistant to them is just frustrating from a game mechanic perspective.

There’s no way you’re complaining about stingers

I’m completely unable to flare them from every possible position. The missile doesn’t care if i bring the flare inbetween me and the seeker or not. Completely unflarable therefore broken. And yes: I throttle my engine down and i manouver.

In my experience, unless an aircraft doesn’t notice my stingers, they’re very easy to avoid for them.

It follows their flares, it’s allergic to any kind of bigger g turns and direction changes, it’s sometimes allergic to damage.

Unless give China other spaa, ty90 should never be nerf cause there’s no as for China tech tree. U shall ask gaijin give new aa and ask them nerf it.


1: bring the TY90 down to the performance of all other MANPADS (which themselves, are underperforming)
2: bring all MANPADS to their actual performance levels

The TY90 wouldn’t be such an issue if it wasn’t so much better than anything else. The only other missile that even comes close to the performance of the TY90 is the Strela’s, but that is still worse by a large margin.

Prove that it’s more flare sensitive then.

@Lunacae If you find evidence of manpad performance, supply a bug report to // Issues

Disagree, Gaijin have stealthly nerfed it these days.
Now the best counter is simply fly straight to Z19 and flare. TY90 will simply dive into the ground.

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I mean, MANPADS being flare immune is already a huge issue - and has been reported many times already, but I’m talking about G loading capability.

On release Stingers, Mistrals, and Iglas were capable of 12-15G
Now they’re all only capable of 10G. (Although it appears Mistrals were stealth buffed back to 12G)

Either bring those back up, or bring the TY90 down

Not possible without proving they are capable of such G-loads.
Which means nothing changes.
This game cares about realism, not fake numbers.

A document for the Mistral was already shared with Gaijin and the devs translated 40G acceleration as axial acceleration.

Hello, try out sterla? I don’t think the 11.0 one is more horrible than the 9.0 one.

The problem being the Mistral has been reported being 30G for a year now with a ton of informations from books, manuals and websites all stating 30G. I mean even the manufacturer MBDA stated themselves it is 30G. And the G-overload is not the only thing wrong with the Mistral in game. Yet the developers haven’t done anything.

I can’t see how it would be unfair for nations using Mistrals to have 4x 30G missiles on their helicopters while the chinese have 8x 20G ones. It would only be fair.

Here’s the link to the report with all the informations:

Question: Is that on dual-plane?
Cause the Chinese one is on single-plane.

“canard vehicle in auto-rotation; 90mm diameter for the missile; single-axis control without gyrometer; Matra electric servomotor; high maneuverability (25G) allowing it to be effective against evasive targets;”

Note that 25G is for the Mistral 1 because there is actually 3 different version: Mistral 1, 2 and the 3 being the latest put in service in the 2010’s.

It’s in the first lines of the report i just sent wrote by René Carpentier, Director of the Defense Branch of Matra, 72-97; Professor of Tactical Missiles Course at Sup’Aéro (the Premiere Aerospace University of France ), 67-84; Chairman, GIE Eurodrone, 89-93; Head Project Director in Charge of Development for R.530, Martel, R.550, MICA, Apache, and most importantly, Mistral.

So we should have Mistral 1 on all helicopters, with 25G.
However, if it’s dual-plane, we have to wait until Gaijin is finished coding the dual plane simulation code.
Similar to how we’re waiting for them to separate chaff & flares so we can have more chaff on Tornado IDSs.

Indeed. I hope to see other MANPADS getting their advertised G-load like the Stinger being supposedly arround 20-24G, but i don’t have any informations to back this up unfortunatly. Let’s not talk about the ridiculous lock ranges of MANPADS too. Until then we can just wait and hope for Gaijin to do something about these missiles, especially with all the more and more modern aircrafts coming into the game.