Pls gaijin make it so you take damage on the heli spawn spaa

Bro almost every time I get spawn killed by a ka50 30mm. I worked hard to get my ah64 pls fix gaijin.

They wont fix it. Its not meant to defend the helispawn its there to point out air targets close to base. Its really frustrating to get heli spawn camped and killed right after coming in, but they see no issues with it as there are two spawns. I asked the same thing like 8 months ago.

Honestly, AA should work only against enemy helis. Hate the fact that people use helis at our spawn and spawn camp.

You have two heli spawns on map.

1st (closer to battlezone)- non-lethal AAA that is there only to warn you that enemy is near
2nd (further one)- lethal AAA that will shot enemy down.

If you want safe spawn, spawn on 2nd one.

If you want to discuss it, please use already created thread in Realistic Battle discussion.

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