Plows on these Tanks

When is War Thunder going to make the plows on these tanks work like they’re supposed to work you should be able to make a turret down and a haul-down position with the plows on these tanks and it’s hard enough to make even a haul-down position when it shouldn’t be that hard to do it don’t do any good to put a pile of dirt in front of your front slope of your tank because in War Thunder you’ll shoot right through it so you need to be able to dig a haul down in a turret down position! That’s what we did in the Army two-tier system so you could come up out of the turret down position into the hall down position to shoot and back down where they couldn’t see you.

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1 - You can already dig a hull-down position for your tank.

2 - It won’t protect you entirely, but it will reduce penetrating power

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But you should be able to dig a turret down position that’s why there are plows on the front of these tanks A two-tier system the way it is. And it doesn’t work that well it’s just for show well it’s like a roller coaster in this game when you’re trying to dig and it shouldn’t be that way and no it doesn’t reduce the penetration power I’ve been and too many times with one shot behind that dirt mound and all the years that I’ve played this game nothing has ever worked like it’s supposed to! Lol but I guess that’s OK because the only ones who know how things work are us adults in the game! Right?

It could certainly do with a bit of a buff. Its more of a gimic than a tactic because it takes quite a while to make a half decent foxhole.

I think what is OP saying is that the amount of soil that can be moved in each pass needs to be increased.

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Also the game won’t let you did deeper that… lets call it 1 meter, basically hull deep. You can dig all you want but it won’t go deeper than that.

Not really a problem for the most part. Its really for digging a bp on a reverse slope of a hill to give that 2 tier effect. And really useful for T-xx tanks for leveling out the ground to compensate for the lack of depression.

Yeah, and that.

But would be a cool tactic for those that can do it, to be able to dig a proper hole to hide in.

Unfortunately the WT meta doesn’t really support it. Games are too fast. You can dig yourself a nice scrape for zero points, or you can go get kills and caps…

Yeah, though a few could make use of it, I’ve used it on the AVRE to defend a choke point and some tanks like the Chieften Mk3 could make use of proper entrenching to make a good sniper spot.

Would it always be useful, no, but even 1 in 100 matches is still more than what it is currently, adding an entire mechanic and then nerfing/limiting it to be nearly useless is just a shame.

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That would be pretty great, especially if it changed with the size / width of the dozer

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I dug myself a nice hull down spot in a T80BVM once. First tank i saw shot right above the barrel and killed my breach…as long as rangfinders insta aim for you there is zero need to ever hull down in a defensive position. Mobility is a better defense.

When will Gaijin add the bulldozer Sherman? Hell if I know.

Iconic vehicle yet the only dozer I get is the HC such a shame.




Have you noticed the Russians don’t Have dozer blades on any of their tanks and by some means of invisibility they come out of the bottom between the tracks which is not wide enough for the whole tank but when it plows it’s wider than the tank is this is just one of those things that War Thunder does to make up for shortcomings I guess

you CAN do it, but the ammount of dirt displaced is far too small for it to be viablo on most maps, its more of a gimmick than an actual asset

Holy Dozer i want that in my life

True, the only times I’ve ever used it effectively was north spawn on Seversk and some of the sandy maps

We all need to come together and protest this in the forums because so far nothing they have done works like it is supposed to so you can’t even dig a hall down position with the plows on the front of these tanks the best I have ever done is to make a dirt mound in front of my tank which does nothing because they can still shoot a sabot round through it and it still kills your tank no they said that this is supposed to make a hall down and it won’t it’s just like I had one of these programmers ten years ago text me and talk to me and said that they were working on not being able to shoot through the ground through big bowlers and they have never fixed that but they said they were going to and they didn’t