Please weaken the correlation between RP and time

The correlation between RP and time is too high now. The RP from time in a game often exceeds the total amount obtained from other channels. This is forcibly slowing down the progress of RP acquisition.

I believe that obtaining RP from time should be an additional reward rather than a primary source of RP income.

I completed this article using translation software. It is very long and may be very strange. But I think the current RP situation is really bad.

First of all, let me give an example from Air Battles:

I drove the VII rank premium vehicle and quickly killed five enemies in the City map. But the game failed within three minutes. At this point, the RP I obtained may be less than 5000, and there may even be a few F16s among these five enemies. It is relatively difficult to kill enemies in air combat, especially when facing F16 and MiG 29 with vehicles of 11.3 or even 11.0.

On the contrary, I drive the same vehicle to kill two enemies and then start evading the battle. After 20 minutes of AFK, I will receive nearly 20000 RPs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t play air combat tonight, so I couldn’t provide proof. But this is the real situation.

Next is an example from Grand Battles:

I drove the AMX30 and quickly killed four enemies in a battle of 3 minutes and 23 seconds, earning me 1578RP. And in just 3 minutes of combat, I gained 1488 time RP. Almost similar to the RP obtained by killing enemies. But after death, I chose to resurrect with CAS. During the CAS driving process, I only killed three people and obtained 290RP. I survived for 5 minutes and 54 seconds. And the time RP has already reached 1376

In another battle, while obtaining similar other RPs (1501), I survived for 7 minutes and 52 seconds. The RP obtained from time has reached as high as 5596

Even without victory rewards, I think the gap is quite exaggerated.

Does this mean that if I hide and do nothing after killing four enemies.I can obtain nearly 4000 RPs in the next few minutes?

Does this mean that if I need to obtain more ArmyRP, I must give up using more efficient CAS and use less efficient ground vehicles for combat. But it must be noted that CAS is often the key to winning. And I must give up the opportunity to turn defeat into victory in order to achieve more ArmyRP.

And when there aren’t enough vehicles in my team. Especially when using premium vehicle vehicles, the quantity is often not very large. This means that the best choice for me after achieving a large number of kills in a short period of time is not to continue taking risks and fighting against the enemy. It’s hiding and AFK. Because this makes it easier to obtain more RPs.

It must be known that under the good operation of Gaijin. Purchasing a premium vehicle to obtain top-level vehicles is the first choice for most players. Not everyone has time to play a country from scratch. Or have the money to provide a large amount of talisman for each RANK vehicle…They (including me) often use several or even only one premium vehicle to play.

Gaijin may hope to encourage players to actively play through the proportion of time RP. I don’t think this will work for most players. Sometimes even encouraging players to avoid battles.

I think players driving RANK VI VII premium tanks should earn a RP of 600-800 or even higher from every kill. The proportion of time RP should be reduced. Or it can remain unchanged on the basis of increasing the kill RP.


i think that being able to steamroll the enemy in a short time in a stunning victory should earn you just as much RP if not more, and not way less


This whole RP system is a mess

That’s why we have such a problem with botters in the game
Just think about one thing - the community of this game is 99% mediocre.
If you take away their rewards for playing time and give them better ones for results (and most of them have poor results), everyone will soon be cry because they are not making any progress and it will be a drama like with the SL economy


I agree with you RP system is trash…

I’m sure all the aimbot enjoyers and habitual spawn campers will agree with this post.
War Thunder is (notionally) not CoD deathmatch, in tanks.
The battles are about accomplishing the mission objectives which usually is capturing the objectives.
Also the game attempts to simulate and incentivize realistic behavior, which involves a bit of self-preservation. This is why the game has repair costs and rewards RP for survival (notionally).

I think most people agree that the current RP system is very poor. Even mediocre players do not enjoy obtaining most of their RPs through time. This method wastes valuable time and is quite boring. So I don’t think you need to worry about it becoming like the SL system did that time.
I think the current question is: why most people haven’t raised this issue, just privately complaining. My friends almost always complain about the current shortage of RPs, and the difficulty of obtaining RPs increases every year. Perhaps players should have raised this issue in that operation a few months ago.
And if Gaijin continues like this, I think it’s necessary for the SL system’s farce to happen again

We did when the system was changed.

you are statistically more likely to die in a long, drawn-out game than in a quick and crushing victory. i don’t see where that self preservation thing is coming from

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It is one way of accomplishing the objective, however, it is not (notionally) rewarded by the game. Time spent ingame is, because the RP gain is tied the most with the time spent in battle, after the changes done 2 years ago. If we would have a reward for achieving the objectives, you wouldn’t receive a far higher reward for the same objective achieved in 20 minutes than in 5. Even Gaijin admitted that the metric for them is RP/time spent in battle.

Even if you equate survival with a longer drawn out game, this is still false, since you get the same RP whether you achieved your goals with 1 spawn or 10 spawns. Actually, you get more with multiple spawns, since afaik you get extra RP if you get killed (also part of those RP changes a while back).

People always say this yet it remains obvious it’s Gaijin’s goal.

ODL is encouraged through premiums. High tier does not have any “realistic” aiming applied to prevent blitz firing. Maps are CQC focused, even letting some WW2 maps stay in rotation. CAS obliterates all campers. The only gameplay that is rewarded consistently is rush.

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I believe that is supposed to be gaining “experience” from the “Traumatic Emotional Event” of being hit etc. Also consolation/apologetic prize for the game expecting you to take a crippled vehicle against better vehicles (uptiers) and players (aced crews and other inequalities). Because otherwise progression will bottleneck.

They do have to cater to the market and customer base. Most players are short attention span window lickers so…

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You’re right, sorry. I left my PC dictionary at home.

Strangely, we had previously RP gain systems that people didn’t complain about because they were fairly acceptable. I wonder why they got changed…

In this update, we were supposed to get an RP bonus for achievements (3, 6 and 9 frags), which was supposed to slightly increase the rewards for better players. Moved to the next update. This may change “a little”, but I wouldn’t expect any colossal changes.

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That will improve some efficiency. But it’s a bit difficult for most ordinary players. I would prefer a thorough redo under the supervision of the player.

Not sure what that is a reference too.