Please for the health of top tier ground do something every game Im playing OTHER people be raging about cheaters normally this is just people with little game knowledge but today Im not so sure after watching replays because the suspects getting 9+ kills in 5 mins …these guys shooting from extreme ranges with no actual sight or any reason to think there someone there because they havent been spotted is pretty suspect… Yea yea yea report and move on but man game chat is getting angry and racist because well the names and players all come from same place … I dont like people being racist in my games and this stuff is just pouring fuel into the mix and starts making the honest players from that region ( who are the majority) look bad and become lumped in with the cheaters

The EAC is not the only system in place… and all systems are working as intended…

Report suspects and they will be taken care of if they are found guilty of trying to cheat the system

99% of the time, players report cheaters just because they got beaten fair and square… and as I mentioned we have systems in place doing its job, so if they try and cheat the system then they will be caught…

If you see racist content in game, then make sure to report them and the GMs will deal with them

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