Please update China F5E F-16MLU

F-5E/F Using AIM-9P4

F-16 Block 20 Using AIM-9M and AIM-120



Ive seen the Taiwanese F-16MLU packing the 120s. But that Aim9p all aspect for the F-5, I didnt know about that. Is there any more info about this? a source maybe?

It is well known that Taiwanese Uzs aircraft received better IR missles.

F-100A, F-100F, F-5A, and F-5E all mounted AiM-9P4

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The F-100’s never got AIM-9P4’s but the F-104’s did.


F-100F for sure did.

For me, now F-16A Block 20 MLU lack AIM-120C AMRAAM (AIM-120B placeholder), LANTIRN AN/AAQ-14 Sharpshooter targeting pod (or LANTIRN targeting pod placeholder), GBU-10 & GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided bomb and AGM-65G-2 Maverick (AGM-65G placeholder)

AIM-9P & AIM-9L sidewinder replace by AIM-9P-4 & AIM-9M


Ooh, any sources/images?


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I hope F-5E will stay the same… with aim9Ps only. Screw REaLiSM

I mean common guys… Yall think all aspect missiles will fix your skill issue ? I don’t think so. NO !!!
The only thing that will happen is that I will get an increase in its BR which will lead to facing mig29s and f16. I love the current F5E playstyle relying mostly on guns. 10.7 is sweet spot IMO even tho you often get up tiered you still fight old-gen platforms, which will have a hard time getting you off your 6

F-5E should have AIM-9P4

you want low BR to play F-5A

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Well turns out they just decided to delete the MLU from F16A to send it back by 20 years


F-16A/B Block 20 is a series of F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets that Lockheed Martin of the United States has delivered to the Air Force of the Republic of China since 1997. The United States calls it Block 20, which is the 20th batch production version. The airframe is based on the Batch 15 OCU, the wings and tail are a mixed model of the Batch 52, and the avionics are improved based on the NATO F-16A/B MLU (Mid Life Upgrade) program standards. It has beyond visual range combat, Precision ground attack and anti-ship capabilities; a total of 150 aircraft will be produced, with 140 aircraft in service as of 2022.

F-16A block20 = F-16A+F-16C

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The devs decided they will delete the MLU so it also solves the complaints about CAS capabilities.

Did they announce this?

You trust him ?

Sadly gaijin not ready implemented add AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, LANTIRN (AN/AAQ-14 Sharpshooter Targeting Pod & AN/AAQ-20 Pathfinder Navigation Pod), AGM-65G-2 Maverick and GBU-10 & GBU-12 Paveway II this month

Hopefully gaijin not lazy again in Q3

I simply asked a question, i just saw the ROCAF F-16 MLU reports about the lack of ordinance being acknowledged so it would have been interesting to see Gaijin just “remove” the MLU… Honestly it isn’t that hard to implement since its basically identical to other F-16s. This update is a heavy one and i’m kinda tired of the negativity, lets wait for the next few updates and hope for a change.

Then go to American F-5E

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tbh, 120s aren’t even the most of what the F-16A MLU should be carrying. 9Ms instead of 9Ls with 9P-4s as a better (and more historical) stock missile, not to mention the cas capabilities it should have…

The F-5E also should receive 9P-4, to be the perfect middle between F-5A with 9P & F-5E 2k with TC-1 & TC-2.

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