Please stop pairing US with USSR in GRB

Let be honest here pairing US with USSR are really unfair to the enemies’ team how they gonna fight best tank best spaa best CAS team up together? plus it pissed me off that I can’t bomb those Russians to the ground with them on the same team stop handheld Russia and let them always facing each other.


F16C+Pantsir+Ka52/50+T80BVM, it’s really desperate when all those OP vehicles are on the opposite side. Let alone all those CQB maps that favor BVMs to crush your entire team. Really disgusting game experience :(

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i know it right? as F-16C players myself i don’t even like it when pairing with Russia

That’s actually true and will break game balance since some nations don’t even have proper Air Defence or lack other capabilities. USA and UDSSR can balance this but just if they put against each other.

Loool okey dokie how about russia , germany ,sweden cant team up either I mean whenever I play USA Which some people say is op and best nation (these people just not noticing who is on their team) these 3 together stomp us soooo bad no one even gets to point of CAS…