Please resolve M735

You admitted fault back in October 2023 that the clerical proof that someone sent in was in fact fault and you yourself admitted it was wrong. Please revert the change or change the rounds on vehicles that use it. The XM-1 and Type 16 have no business still using this poor round at 9.3


I second this.


İf only Gaijin also agrees but its clear that they have no intention to revert this unhistorical nerf.

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This needs to be resolved as soon as possible

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Meanwhile MBT(KPZ)-70 tanks have less pen and less damage at 9.3 with 152 shells T-T

A round that affects a great amount of vehicles really needs to be addressed. Especially after acknowledging the error, should be priority fix.

There are vehicles at 8.3 with better shells than this now, and vehicles at 9.3 in endless uptiers are screwed.