Please put the 2s38 in 11.0 (minimum)

The 2s38 is a crazy good vehicle that will have no problem in 11.0 it is criminally undertiered…


They will never do it. It’s making money for them like nothing else and goes well with bmp2m and su25k, Turms… Its a really big cash flow. Balance is an afterthought when you put stuff like that.

Crazy how they are hardly an issue for me yet they seem to be the devil for everyone else.


i have fun against them 2s38 is not an opponent

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I keep hearing about how their front fuel tank is a black hole yet all of the times i have hit them today has caused a fuel tank explosion

Fuel tanks can indeed eat shells but that’s a bug affecting who knows how many vehicles. I also never had many problems dealing with 2S38s, although I agree that thing could be moved to 10.3 without issues.

They will move premiums up as well, just look how PT-76-57 got a substantial BR increase after it’s release.


That thing is way too OP. In arcade it’s annoying thing that easily shreds through Soviet MBT line.

Sure, make HSTV-L 12.3, Strf 9040C 10.7, etc.

They won’t do it because it’s not as powerful as people think.
Right now 2S38 is performing the same as most other IFVs.
2S38 has the survivability of an Strf 9040, the gun that’s a bit more pen than 9040C, largest platform, and about the same speed as other IFVs.

Gaijin doesn’t want to move the 2S38 to 11.7 as it would reduce sales.

The HSTV-L doesn’t have tracking or proxy shells or the 2S38’s ammo capacity.

The Strf 9040c has 55 less penetration with its APFSDS round and only a 24 round first stage ammo.

“etc” isn’t comparable to the 2S38 because no other vehicle in the game offers the 2S38’s capabilities at any BR.

The vehicle is a modern vehicle, it isn’t even in full service with the Russian army.

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Proxy round wouldn’t increase the BR.
And ammo capacity doesn’t mean as much as people think for HSTV-L.
Strf 9040C is literally the Swedish 2S38, and Lvkv 9040C is superior to 2S38 in the anti-air role.


You’re going to need to explain how you come to this conclusion when both vehicles have worse penetrating rounds and less ammo capacity.

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Similar ammo capacity.
Also it’s not as worse as you think. Still pens everything at 10.0 the same as a 2S38.

Okay so it’s worse than the 2S38 on both fronts, why does this warrant similar BR placement?

Strf 9040C is just as survivable, slightly smaller, and its APFSDS round still pens everything the 2S38 pens.

It isn’t, really. It’s not as good as you think it is, the only reason you notice it is that 90% of Russian 10.x battles have a gaggle of them in it, so the chances of dieing to them are pretty high. They are in fact very easy to deal with and are one of my favorite targets because of it. And because a lot of people get the idea it’s an omgwtfpwnmobile and play it accordingly.

2S38 have 20 round ready rack btw, so thats less than Strf, also have huge ammo rack right in middle of the vehicle and three guys that get onetapped by single center mass shot.

The 2s38 rly could go up because in comparison no ifv vehicle is close to it the closest is the strv 9040C and bill in capabilities but still nowhere close to the 2s38, 2s38 just at a very low BR 10.7-11.0 is still handleable for it even 11.3 and 2s38 and still not get killed by 12.7 cas like gripen…

11.3 would be ideal for it