Please play naval

These days less and less people are playing naval and the games are full of bots. we need more people to play naval.

You known with the current event most people play tanks (I don’t)…

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Out of interest, which mode are you thinking of?

Maybe once gaijin prevents naval spawns from getting camped from the very first second at the start of a match.


There are full lobbies of players on arcade. Only RB is full of bots.

I see plenty of full matches in arcade. AI bots sometimes full battles but mostly during quiet hours if using restricted server settings, and obvious script bots are far more rare than during the height of the Moffet/Helena spam.

Maybe there would be more players if certain parts of the community didn’t default to the anti-naval posts whenever someone asks about the mode.

Fine, I started grinding Naval because your request. I am not better than a bot tho.

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As a naval main, I’d love to play it more, but I do wish Gaijin would improve the progression of it. The RP rewards are way too low in both bluewater fleet and coastal.


my point is even arcade has bots.


if it was worth it and wasnt somehow more shit than air, sure

Played it a little before the last event, played it a ton during the event and right now I play it almost exclusively. Air realistic (SWE/US) was my fav but right now I really want to grind the German bluewater tree. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. SL keeps pouring in but RP could be better.

Some things I noticed that really suck:

  1. Spawns - who wants to get shot from the start of the match???
  2. Objectives - sometimes you win/lose within minutes, sometimes it takes forever. Not really balanced
  3. Naval bots don’t count for wagers when you have to destroying X enemy vehicles…but bots look just like enemy players so good luck with keeping track of that…(PS. I keep forgetting battle chat exists so this one may be on me, but some clarity would be nice)
  4. Aim can get wonky in very close range, and in coastal aim can get really wonky in general with different turrets on smaller ships or barges, one turret aims too high, one too low.
  5. It’s LOUDER than other game modes, it needs a special volume slider…
  6. Smoke sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. NOT RELIABLE AT ALL!
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Remove the bots then we can talk. Its neither fun nor rewarding to play this shit.

Yeah no thanks, no intrest in ships and gamemode is garbage even WoWs is better


I agree with your points. Point 3 especially is troublesome because if you want to do tasks it can be difficult to spend the time to find a player and get in range of them. Why should I be spending time in chat/stats screen verifying who are players and who are bots, rather than playing the match?

In regards to the original post, it’s a bit of a catch 22 – want to play naval, but can’t play naval because no-one else is playing naval…


The “Waiting for battle” never went above 3 (that I saw)

The SA server is the auto-select one. If I choose EU or CIS one, I can get a match (slightly quicker time) but then it ends up in some laggy/desyncy mess with lots of flying boats (not the airplane variety), or boats just popping in to view at 1km already shooting at you.

Edit: screenshot is from RB mode

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Just shoot back at them

Image created by a sloppy AI :D

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I have one ship left to research in each nation except for France. (France is done)
Researching top tier battleboats is boring somehow.

But as I have only 3 planes total left to research, I might get to it soon.

Oh wait, there are plenty of tanks left too…

What difference does it make who is a player and who is a bot? Only three points: the player can “put smoke”, artillery and choose the most powerful almost cheating “battleship”.