Please, O Snail (Fuel amount selection)

Fuel amount selection should never reset. A minor annoyance, but annoyance nonetheless
Please instruct your programmers to rectify this

When I select my fuel amount, it should stay selected forever. Just because I’ve researched some engine part, doesn’t mean I suddenly want to take off with 8 min of fuel : )
shot 2023.11.18 23.27.13


Am I the only one bothered with this?
How odd ^^

Its even worse in SB where sometimes you’ll select something, spawn and it will just spawn with min fuel. despite your selection. Never fun

could we add ripple selection for any bomp drop amount to this list?

I would love a slider for fuel load. Some planes have really dumb options like 3min or 20min. What if I want 10 or 15?

The thing about fuel loads on aircraft IRL is that you start with each tank either full or empty - that is standard procedure. And of course for wing tanks they must be loaded symmetrically.

So your options are limited to a fixed number of possible values.

Of course there’s so much else about the game that is not particularly realistic, so you might well ask why bother with this!!