Please nerf ai coastal ships

It’s really no fun to encounter a bot that can take enormous amounts of damage and kills you with his machine guns.
It’s really no fun to try to put some torpedoes in destroyers while fighting of loads of bots.
It’s really no fun doing a bomb run and get one shotted by a bot from a distance of 4k+ with his machine guns.

Most bots are better players than real player. Battles with only four real player are actually harder than some battles with only real players. Deadly within 1k range is ok, but not at 4k using a few machineguns.

So please nerf ai to make especially flying a bit more satisfying.

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What br do you play coastal ? Which day time ?
I often play 3.7-4.3 and there is really few wt bots, often very bad, ignoring you. But i do agree then they catch you it’s finished (after the first 2-3 missed shots they hardly miss you whatever you do)

I play coastal using 2.3 - 3.0 ships.
More often than not my ship is a complete bullet magnet. :(

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Are you being killed by PG02 and Chicugo by any chance? Because if so thats just me, sorry.

No, by PT boats, s38’s, pr123bis and other ships with players named like Pyotr, Gerwulf, Feodorm etc. etc.
PG02’s and Chikugo’s are only used by real players. And the destroyers aren’t the problem. The ai coastal ships are.

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Just watch the replay I send with the report and you’ll get a great example how accurate these gunners are. Just start at 6:45. I didn’t aim at anything. My ai gunner did all the work.

Yes the AI vessels aim has been a focal point for the community for several years now with their dead eye aim and their inability to have weaponry never overheat or run out of ammunition is truly annoying especially if you’re flying an aircraft at over 600kts at 5000 metres & 7000 metres out only to see your wing rip off from a poxy 7.7- 76 mm shell that hits you dead on without warning is thoroughly aggravating.

Generally through observation it’s only the soviet vessels that are insane in this nature but other nations equipment can still cause similar amounts of trouble for aviators.

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Agreed. They need to get rid of the “John” and “Sam” ai-bots completely. Gaijin made this mistake back in the day in the ground battles when maps had AI tanks that did nothing but drove the players insane.

Currently the AI bots shoot down the planes when a player boat in the same spot with the same armament just wouldn’t. Those are 4+km kills with 50 cals. You don’t even know you are being shot at until -bam!- destroyed by “John” in his PT-109 or somesuch. I.e. you just don’t expect it because as a player you know that these things are dangerous only up to 1km, but rather 500m most of the time. So, why the 10x advantage?

Also, the AI bots compete for aircraft kills. Given that warbonds have tasks requiring us to kill aircraft the bots make those tasks that much harder, since these bots have a 10x advantage and 10x more likely to kill an aircraft than a player.

So, get rid of these bots yesterday.

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Reminds me of what bomber gunners used to be like. Pilot snipe from 2km away.

Oh no… xD

NPC bots need their air targeting removed at a minimum, they’re a pest overall, if the match is small they would be better off just giving players bonus spawns.

So because you didn’t see me, I’m a nobody? Which makes you God or something? Just look at my stats.

That last remark just took out all the credibility you have. Shame, because it was a good comment, which was usefull to the cause.

That comment was for Vianochka for his earlier obnoxious comment.

Ah in that case. Don’t reply on my post and stop making these kind of remarks. They are not useful and stray from the subject.
To be back on the subject…

Please Gaijin, nerf ai!!!

Ow and while you’re doing that…
Could you please remove the Kerch bots or allow max 1 per team? It’s really no fun having 3x silverlions0000x on your team. Instant loss assured.

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