Please make VIDAR higher than BR8.7

Despite the fact that the Type99 SPH had its BR up to 7.3 from 7.0, we can argue now why on earth VIDAR is still in BR8.0 despite its abilities. In the previous examples, Gaijin has only looked at the stats of the vehicle to decide its BRs. This can be proven as some guys (I don’t know the name), used the CL-13 Mk.4 and owned the match, rising its BR although its poor abilities.

I do know VIDAR is a premium vehicle, and Gaijin wants money. However if you are playing around BR7.~ enough, you can clearly see VIDAR is totally unbalanced. LRF, IR thermals, fast reloading 155mm, and still thinks its balanced? In the other threads people argued that the VIDAR won’t stand against the ERA, but I\if you acually use your brain and AIM at the weak spot just like other tanks, you can kill them. If Gaijin actually use its brain and see the stats without those premium beginners, it is clear VIDAR should be above 8.7.