Please Make Boosters Never Expire

Boosters should Not expire… Let us use them at our leisure…

Especially for boosters bought through chests and such… I just spent like… 50 million SL on the toolboxes and now i have about 150 boosters… that i will have NO way of using them before they expire (so i will have to bundle them and have them basically do nothing, since it will lower their efficiency… )

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Having a time limit while also reducing efficacy when bundling is asinine.

It should be one or the other.

The most consumer friendly alternative is to allow post game application of boosters as World of Tanks does so you can select your most well performing games to increase rewards from.

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i agree., to all.

but i think the best option is to have them simply not expire, or put a VERY long time limit on them. … Like a month.

And then Post game would be ideal… cuz then you dont have wasted boosters, and then even do the opposite of use them Extremely efficiently on good games.

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what a horror. and where to put them then?

On a random note, did you get anything good from all those boxes?

i did (didnt i say that? i got like 1 or 2 crappy ships… 1 or 2 crappy planes, the worst low tier tank in the game, and then the VFW)

edit: nope, i sure didnt (but i did in other posts, so that was my confoozun)

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Yeah the sheer amount of crap vehicles in those boxes really ruins it for me… Even if you get incredibly lucky and get a vehicle it’s probably something you’ll never use

yup… pretty much not worth it… ive avoided them for Years… but figured i would take a shot… you basically have to spend 20 million to get 1 vehicle … and its Usuallyyy crap… or even if its decent… something you dont want (in my case boats… basically zero interest and then barely any interest in the planes)