Please! make Battle pass task with ships optional

Just dont force players play the horrible ships mode, add a option you can choose complete the task with another mode. I know some people is the exactly opposite side but force the people play a determinate mode is a bad idea so just add some kind of intermediate solution, for example you can end the task with only 2of 3 but reciving only 20 points instead of 30. Is annoying the waste of points and time just becuase you need play the boring and horrible ships


I hate the naval challenge so much. If youre late to the battlepass and want to grind that task then you will have insane queue times etc making it extremely difficult to do it.


BP Grind has gotten progressively worse with every season.

Now BP is used as a tool to try to manipulate us into playing modes we’re not interested in. Lesson learned. It’s just another grind trap.


The coastal tasks right now are driving me absolutely insane. I don’t mind bluewater and enjoy playing it from time to time but coastal is never ever fun for me. I think it’s the absolute worst part of war thunder.

No, no and no.
If you dont like naval, skip it.
I like doing those naval task and maybe players would try out naval.

If you dont like, maybe its skill issue ?

I dont like planes and tanks mission, but i dont cry about it.
As said inside this topic, there are around 60% tanks, 30% planes and 10% ship.
Maybe i could make a topic to ask gaijin to make tanks and planes tasks ?

I play mainly ship in WT cause this gamemode is better for me. Less bug, funniest and cooliest.


I try it several times is boring and bad mode. Gaijin try at any cost force people play it but sadly is a born dead project.

I dont like it becuase is BAD, thats why is practically abandoned mode.

Thats your problem.

Congrutalations but the vast majority of the player base of this game dont like it so Gaijin should make “OPTIONAL” with this option all people is happy most of the player dont need lose taks and suffer the dead ships and the small portion of players like you can still doing the task playing is favourite mode, with a optional mode ALL wins.

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Its not bad, its just cause you dont know how to aim, shoot and kill.

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I perfectly kwno how play ships, im played in the past and dont anymore becuase is bad and boring.
So stop trolling my topic.

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I am not trolling. I angry cause player always want to disable naval things cause they dont like.

Its “i dont like, so make naval disapear”


Honestly, there is only 2 things i wish they would do for ship BP challanges and that is lowering the rank requirement from 3 to 2 and allow for bot kills to count towards BP.

Nothing is more annoying than having gotten a kill and realize it doesn’t count because it was a bot.

And rank requirement just because certain ship types like sub chasers dont exactly have many options at rank 3 (depending on the nation offcourse)

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OMG read again, i dont want remove Naval Tasks, just chage it to OPTIONAL.
If you dont play ships you can complete with another mode instead but dont remove them.

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So make tanks and planes optionnal too ? I hate tanks and planes.

You are free for suggest the same.