Please make balance in top tier gameplay

It’s pretty one-sided for a while now. Can you just check to see what’s going on with Russian tanks not spalling for more than 2 years probably once and for all, please? At the top tier, Russia is just stomping to the point it’s just not fun to other people who play every other nation. Just please revisit armor at top tier and general balance of other things at 11.0 and above. No tank should ever survive a 90 degree shot on the side with a top-tier round. Everybody is playing Russia at top tier because they know that it’s overpowered to the point that it’s not rare to see Russians on both sides of the match…


Well at this point i’m start to think the more they losing on the recent war the stronger they get in the game


Recently, with the buffing of the AGM-65 and the change in behavior of the beam-riding ATGMs used by Russian helicopters, the odds of winning have improved considerably. If I may say so, I am eagerly waiting for the M1A2 SEP to be able to use the M829A3.

Nato shells seem to have horrible spall compared to the 3BM60 used by the russians. I get that its a 125mm cannon but its seriously becoming an issue…

Vikhrs are still by far the best atgm in the game. It’s not even close.

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so what if it is a 125mm cannon ?
The apfsds round isnt probably that bigger or longer then a nato apfsds from a 120mm…

My rounds spall on T-80s.
And their playerbase is clearly more skilled than my teams on average, but that’s obviously not due to vehicles as Soviets have inferior vehicles.
Among the worst CAS, and only 1 11.7.
Meanwhile I one shot Soviet tanks with all my tanks.


M829A3 will never come to War Thunder. The other countries have no equivalents.
Beam riding has already been simulated, they are accurate now.

M829A3 will never come to War thunder because other countries don’t have equivalents is absurd. Do other countries have ERA armor to the degree of russian tanks? No. ERA armor is extremely OP and needs to have a counter.

SHARD can be added to Type 10, Ariete, every Leopard 2, Merkava Mk4M, Strv 122, and Challenger 3.
Soviets can get Vacuum with T-14.

lets make run