F-14A early, phantom fgr.2, f-4J and some other planes at, 11.3 must need aim9L in future if the r-73 will be given to the mig-29, yak-141 and future stuff

kfir.c2/7 received Python 3 as your all-aspect missile in rank 7, the mig23m has an all-aspect missile too, like the mirage f1 and others now in-game, but there are some left planes that need all-aspect missile
the F-14A early
the f14B still uses aim9l, but there are a lot of players that use f-14A like me and seem to stand on the last rank to get it another rank 8 planes have all aspect missiles, and the f-14A is the only plane without it, nothing fairer give aim-9L, because the aim-9H only works in surprise attacks, nothing more, with aim9l will give enough flexibility
the f-4J are in higher-tier stuff, the aim-9G isn’t competitive enough, there is some discussion forum about f-4j was used aim-9l if will, a new br will be needed, the f-4j is an easy target because is less maneuverable, and bring fewer countermeasures than your opponents, only give it competitive stuff the aim-7F and a reasonable radar. Give it aim9l, will give some differential against your weakness

the fgr2
everyone knows how upgrading a British line today is suffering, the skyflash df is not
a longer-range missile, losing easily to the Phoenix, aim-7f/m, r-27s, and aim9g is weak, give it aim9L wil be able to stand some chance like a f-4j but without hmd
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  • i want aim-9L for all theses planes
  • no, only for 11.7 above
  • no, i don’t want
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There’s always the nuclear option

(AIM-95 Agile, 165 degrees off boresight, 55g thrust vectoring SRAAM for F4j, F8x, F14a, and more, with an AIM-7f equivalent motor, and a more sensitive seeker than the 9L)



Though nonstandard, there is also the VTAS III (AN/AVG-8B) for the F-14 / F-15 & F-16 as well to provide a HMS capability as well.



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