Please Give Us Back the Original Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 "Coelian," and Tiger II 10.5cm KwK

There is no doubt that the implementations of the vehicles in game is fake, and if gaijin does not want fake vehicles in the game then they are free to not add any more. When you look at all the vehicles that have been added to replace the Coelian, they are about as real as the Coelian itsself, but that is by the by. These vehicles, as well as the Chinese Pt-76 and all the other TT vehicles that have been removed like the Gladiator F and S, and the Yer-2’s and Sb-2’s, should never have been removed. When a vehicle is added to the game, it should be there to stay. These vehicles are useful for lineups, even if they are not meta defining, they are absolutely beneficial to own, and there are many people who started playing the game after they were removed who never got the chance to own them. More options for the player is always good, and it is simply not fair that some people have vehicles that others have not had any chance of getting. In the same vein, they should also introduce a way to bring back the event/BP vehicles that were not couponable, such as the HMS Cadiz and Ro.57. Players will not complain about having more content available to them, and the people who are trying to gatekeep these vehicles because they already have them and want to feel special should just be ignored, it is not a valid reason to deny other players content that is already in the game.

One implementation to allow players to get access to these vehicles would be allowing people to purchase a ticket with warbonds, which allows a player to grind X amount of score over Y days, based on the vehicle the ticket is for, and after they complete the score challenge, they get access to the vehicle. This allows people to get these vehicles effectively without paying, but enourages people to engage in the battle passes and buy levels to get extra warbonds if they want. So for example, there may be in the warbond shop a new section that include all these old vehicles, and you can purchase a ticket for the Ersatz M10 for 2500 warbonds, which then requires you to complete 5 marks of distinction, each one taking 40K mission score and being available for 2 days. When the 10 days are up and if you have completed all 5 marks, you get access to the vehicle.


Yeah no,they got removed so they shouldnt come magically back. And Ersatz was in SL crates,imo shouldnt have been there either. Should stay exclusive like E-100 was from tournament only.

Except there was a Panther Mit 8.8cm using a schmalturm project. And you know what they did to make it work? They made the turret ring bigger. The Panther is a Large tank, by allied standards it was considered a heavy tank, that alone should tell you about its size.

No. I Believe, alongside many other people, that everybody should be given a chance to obtain them. They were TT vehicles up until gaijin made up the “historical accuracy” BS to take them out. One suggestion was to give players the ability to research them with free RP after they researched every single german WW2 tanks in the TT. I find this solution very much adequate.

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Why do you think people should not be able to get them? I’m interested as to what people’s mindests are, because so far the only reason people have given is “they are fake vehicles” which is true, but ive addressed that, and this idea people have about gatekeeping them because they want to feel special that they have exclusive vehicles, which isnt really a reason, its just people wanting to flex their e-peens because they need to compensate.


Those are very fun vehicles that varied the top WW2 german gameplay. In those removed vehicles you had an extremely competitive Panther with a king tiger gun, an actual reverse speed and decent armor, you also had the most survivable WW2 SPAA in the TT. The KT105 was a very fun vehicle too as it made up for an awesome sniper. Putting their capabilities aside, those are awesome looking vehicles, i think WT’s Panther II might be my favorite looking tank haha.

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People had years to get them. Should people be able to get alpha or CBT rewards now after 10 years? Ofc not. Same applies to those vehicles and any other event vehicle that was not a coupon.

Not if you started playing the game after they were removed… Saying that if you wanted those vehicles you needed to play the game before you knew they existed and were going to be removed is absurd.

Yes, and you can in many instances. The ground CBT vehicles, the T-34 prototype and German sherman both come back occasionally for purchase, as do many of the other CBT vehicles for different branches of different nations. Exclusive content for Alpha/beta/cbt and time played should be cosmetic at most, you are gatekeeping playable content simply because you do not think people should be allowed to have them because that person either was not playing the game at the time they were available, or were and simply didnt have the time to get them, potentially because of much more important real-life things. I am not proposing people just get them without any work, or even for the same amount of work as when they were originally available, but if people can put in the work to unlock them they should be able to do so at any time.

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You mean the project that started after Work on Panther 2 was stopped, on a turret that shares some characteristics with later narrow turret design but which itself isnt the narrow turret that came to be?

The one that also didnt go anywhere outside of drawings and future potential plans? Drawings that originates over a year after Panther 2 work stopped?

There seemingly isnt anything hard, only paper. Which mean no-go for Warthunder even on a Panther chassis.

Beta Tu-2 or P-63C in USSR tree or LaGG-3 for alpha test are not and shouldnt be obtainable again. They were given exclusively as reward for that.

Of these 3 vehicles the only one i can find anything about on the wiki or online being a Beta vehicle is the Tu-2. The P-63C in the russian tree was a 2016 winter event vehicle, and there are several event/premium Lagg’s, but none are alpha/beta exclusive vehicles, which one were you specifically talking about? Either way, the Tu-2 was given out for free, again i am not suggesting people get it for free now, but there is no actual reason people should not be able to grind it today. You keep saying they shouldnt be obtainable but still havent given a reason why.

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The reason is obvious,why should people that were not part of closed beta get it? And this LaGG,only given to devs and significant people. LaGG-3-4 - War Thunder Wiki

The Lagg-3-4 is not a beta exclusive vehicle, it was only gifted to gaijin employees or people who “contributed to the game in a large manner”.

Again, you have said

and yet still have not given the reason.

Because it is playable content in the game, and if someone has the time and skill to work to get it, and wants it, they should be able to get it. Same as literally every vehicle in the game. I’m all for exclusive things for beta testers and events and so on, so long as it is cosmetic only and isnt a unique playable vehicle that could contribute to a lineup or collection.


If you read my posts fully, which you so obviously didn’t, you would know that I’m not saying the Panther II is a real design as it is in War Thunder. I am only telling you it’s not an impossible one, god how many times will i need to repeat myself? Or maybe you did understand but need your hour in the spotlight, making people notice and explain something they already did like 5 times before?

Except it’s already in the game, and as i have said before, if some players are able to play them, everybody should.

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So why is a totally fake, maybe possible Panther II 88 not ridiculous, but a totally fake, maybe possible M4 Sherman with 300mm of armor completely ridiculous?

Because the former is already in War Thunder and playable by some and never going to be fully removed, while the latter is not in War Thunder and never was.

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There are plenty of rare event vehicles or premiums no longer available for sale. It’s gone, you missed it. Thats unfortunate.

I have all 3 and I want them to stay rare. I ground for them, and I earned them.

Key word here is maybe, “maybe possible sherman”, no, you can’t slap 300mm of armor on a sherman.
And why would you want to add this to the game? :)

The Panther II isn’t “maybe” possible, it is, and it’s already in the game!

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I think i get it now, you just want to feel special, i get that, but you can feel special in other ways than gatekeeping famous WT tanks.


You can slap 300mm on a Sherman if you can slap the long 88 on a tank too small to mount the long 88.

Why do you want the Panther II so bad?