Please give Britain a better mid rank SPAA, there is NOTHING! Planes/choppers are currently in plague numbers

Another update and still no gap filling SPAA for the UK. All we get is the useless rank 4 Skink to try and shoot rank 5 jet bombers down with. The next SPAA is BR 8.3 which is a big jump and suddenly bumps the other mid rank 4 tanks into rank 5-6.
The Skink is ok against prop planes at close range but it cannot track fast targets at anything more than 1k and its always burns through an ammo clip before finding the range. I’ve never had a SPAA so painfully slow to grind. It’s 20mm shells also seem to float like snowballs, I hit a FW190 multiple times today with it and he just flew off with no apparent damage.

Last game I could see an enemy chopper on the horizon hovering but the dam Skink could not hit it at the range and I ended up eating a guided rocket. Hardly fair, helis are supposed to run away from SPAAs, not hunt them.
Just invent something, give the UK another allied SPAA. The Americans get the excellent M19A1 and its only BR4.0 yet its 5x more effective than the Skinky and it doesn’t need to reload every 2.5 seconds.


there was a fox spaa maybe that could be added, honestly bring the warrior or something with a fast gun traverse to combat helis

Gaijin was way to busy giving Germany and Russia yet another SPAA to fit that .5 BR gap in their current lineups.

It sucks, but you’re better off with the Bosvark or Yestvark only because of their quick firing guns. They suffer from being open topped and some serious dead zones, but the other option is the G6 or M109A1 with their VT shell.

I’m just hoping no one uses the Falcon and it might downtiered again.

Japan on the same boat along with some other nations and Britain.

They haver good guns but that awful deadzone and the way they burn through ammo…

More SPAA for everyone please.

AFAIK falcon was 6.7 but people couldnt stop playing it as IFV and then made surprised pikachu face when it ended where it is.

That’s why I hate players always asking some IFV-like SPAA, or play them as IFV, except some spaas that only good at being a IFV.
I’m still wondering how they can make BTR-ZD go 5.7 with only 51mm pen. I think it’s AA ability is only worth 4.x.

What can one do, eh?

Problem is, theres no easy solition to this.

AA with good enough antitank capability will always end up overtiered (looking at you, duster)

You cant remove the antitank capability entirely (by removing the belts) because AAs need to be able to defend themselves

So only solution would probably be made-up belts with low AP round content, but that does not solve anything when you have fast firing guns.

yes, maybe British need another 30mm aa, without apds, make it useful in aa.
BTR-ZD’s fault may be killing too much PZ.IV, they have paper side armors.

Pzrs IVs are in their entiriety made of paper mache, with only thin strip of 80mm armor on hull of later variants. Especially the turret, flat 50mm plate (with 20mm flat tracks on some models) simply isnt enough.

Partly the reason why i moved over to shermans.

Britain didn’t develop much in the way of spaa in ww2 past what we already have because they had air supremacy after the battle of Britain so there isn’t much they could add that would change the gaps in UK spaa line.

Personally I use the crusader AA Mk1 until the falcon. It’s exceptionally good once you get use to the lead.

Use the Bosvark instead. Also, USA and Japan is in far more need of a new spaa than Britain.

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It uses same 20mm as skink, no?

40mm boffors. Good for killing planes and tanks

Oh right, my bad. Forgot theres more than one Crusader AA.

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My idea if we’re struggling to find proper SPAA to fill the Gap.

As for Japan, since the Introduction of Thailand’s F-5E FCU, there’s a possibility for Gaijin to add Thailand’s M163 VADS at 7.7 Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree - #246 by Nikolai_Kachorn

Yeah but we don’t have towed artillery in game so until they decide to add a whole new vehicle type and mechanic not much can change these trees. I do t suspect they will ever be added.

For a nation with no roof top MG’s you would of thought the RAF would provide top cover. Give spitfires same SP cost as SPAA 😆

If anything I’d argue the BTR-ZD is slightly undertiered.
It’s got incredibly potent anti-air potential, it just needs controlled bursts rather than full spam.