Please fix the unbalanced teams problem

So we’ve got the current situation, which I’ll just explain using 2 pictures because I don’t want to bomb this thread with pics, but can Gaijin for once in their life drop making a new premium and focus on game health? I can’t be the only one to see this issue.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

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What issues?

We gotta fix them hogging all those kills.

Stop hogging all the kills bruh… Leave some for the rest of the team.


1 to 3 players doing all the work (I don’t care if it’s me or somebody else), while the rest just … nap or are cannon fodder. I said it before and I’ll say it again, we need to stop the “premium grind to top tier cause fuck learning the game”. I heard you before: “BuT mUh ThE gRiNd TaKeS fOrEvEr”. TBH, I’d rather have a longer grind than every other match seeing my team or the enemy team dying like flies.

Nah, that’s was just me frustrated with the teams enough to make a screenshot. You’ll also see I have a ton of deaths.

All I see is you hogging kills lol ;)

Squad more though, teach more how to last in matches, then this may change.


Maybe try to die less, then the enemy team can’t respawn or use CAS to bomb your teammates.

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As you can see, the enemy team can get enough SP by killing other members of the team, even if I died 0 times and got 10 kills, same thing would happen. BTW, most of the team (both sides) evaporated around the start of the match…

Don’t you dare mock my Falcon. Glorious machine.

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Yea, it’s getting pretty sad that people bail out so fast… If I have SP I wait to see I don’t get any assists that are waiting as I could spawn something else.

I love them SPAAs, it motivates me to drive all the way to the enemy spawn to farm SPAAs, I will go there instead of objective points, if nobody kill me then I will just sit there and wait.


Hogging kills? What now?

I actually love when I’m flying a plane and enemy spawns like 3-4 SPAA in order to deal with me. I just hover around and let my team deal with all of them.

How long before this get’s locked? Cannot give any constructive criticism or you get locked or silenced. They must be owned by a 3rd world country.

The best solution would be to implement skill based matchamking.


I agree 100%

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It would resolve many problems of the game and we could actually know whose words hold any meaning.

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