Please fix the sound

Why don’t I hear enemy engines? I only start hearing them when they either shoot at me or kill me. This happens with all the enemy tanks. I even put my volume on max, nothing changed.




  • The engine sounds of enemy and allied ground and air vehicles fade more prominently and lose high frequencies over distance. This means that situations with excessive “noise” in the environment have been corrected, and the realism of the sound has improved.

I always thought that the concept of people sitting in a metal box with a noisy engine running inside being able to hear anything that is going on outside of that box is pretty weird.


No, but you don’t understand.
Sometimes I’m sitting behind a hill, no one is shooting at me, the battlefield is on the next side of the map and out of nowhere I get killed by a T-80 and he just drives away, sometimes even in the kill cam I can’t hear his engine

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dont worry, i just got killed by a KVT that was sitting on top of a hill 100 meters in front of me and i didnt even hear him drive up.

And before yall say that “no he was there the entire time” he wasnt.

Gaijin devs are doing the classic gaijin dev thing of fixing something so hard that they go to the polar freakin opposite of “balanced”

When a gas turbine engine is quieter than a leo2 something is DRASTICALLY wrong.


Is your setting for engine volume low as can be and all others are high, also is it really noisy when you first spawn?

Both yes

For some reason Ka50/52 produces less noise than any other single rotor helicopter. Ka50/52s should produce more noise since it has dual main rotor.

The latest sound changes suuuuuuuck, aircraft are essentially silent until about 900m which is stupid af.


Im having gun fire bugs i cant hear my own planes shooting or bombs when they land next to me, even worse tanks shooting next to me cant hear, whatever that update was at the beginning of the week screwed some stuff up. Not having a great time :(

The issue is they tend to make some files too quiet compared to others. I noticed this when you listen to different sounds in the GitHub that’s run by Gaijin. You have old files, new ones, etc. Even sounds you rarely hear in the game like Wind, background ambiance per map, bird sounds, etc. However, all of these are either disabled or so drastically lowered in a game that it is incredibly muted.

Sound was reverted back to the way it used to be. I can actually hear now instead of hearing some Russian engine like the tank is sitting right next to me instead of a kilometer away. I can actually hear the people in my Discord talking now instead of just ENGINE.

A gas turbine engine is quieter than the big honkin’ diesel in a Leo 2.

The Abrams is called ‘The Whispering Death’ because of how famously quiet its engine is, it is certainly quieter than a diesel engine.

It is so annoying, literally cannot hear anything till i get a shot on me all because the enemy tank simply did not make a single sound.

he was 10~ meters behind me…
Another one was a Bradley firing next to me making zero sound, i only noticed him because a teammate shared his position.

If honestly you are better off using a sound mod, hopefully gaijin won’t break them any time soon.


Happened to me Too Man They Destroy The GR In The Event !! Why !!! Sound’s Suck’s Now They Must Return To Old Sound’s Game Unplayable now


Had the same thing happen to me today. T80U was driving like 20-30m behinde me around a corner and shot me. There was no engine sound.

Whatever this is I don’t speak it.