Please fix the sound design

I personally don’t mind ground vehicles, the sound design changes in the recent update actually haven’t been to bad and I have no complaints. My main issue is with the aircraft being somehow turned into stealth aircraft, even though plane engines are always obviously loud as hell in real life.
Are you telling me a plane engine can be quieter than a few of my lighter vehicles so that I can’t hear it at all?

I do not mind CAS so long as I can counter it with a vehicle in my lineup which I always have,
I do not mind shooting blindly into trees but if I have straight no idea where the enemy is approaching from then what is the point of Anti-Air?
Seversk south east spawn is a ridiculous example of this where aircraft can sweep in using the trees as cover but I can’t hear them until their bullets start hitting me, that is stupid and doesn’t help me counter aircraft if I do not have the suitable spawn points to counter with my aircraft.

CAS is already strong as is, it is a guaranteed means of keeping capture points. The sound engine was fine the previous update imo, but this most recent major update has absolutely culled SPAA capability.

I am not saying you can’t hear aircraft at all, there are plenty of times when I can but for some reason it is a lottery when you can and can’t hear the enemy who is about to machine gun you in your half-track SPAA.

Please let me know if I am not the only one going insane because I firmly believe in counterplay mechanics, it already takes some getting used to leading your shots to kill aircraft with some SPAA needing multiple hits to do any damage so why am I being punished for poor game design in the name of ‘realism’?