Please Fix the R2Y2

The r2y2 is currently a shit plane at the Br of 8.0 having no real ability to fight as it is both slower and less maneuverable against even the 7.0s .

Please gaijin just give it a airspawn or move it to BR 7.3

of course this ply for help will be ignored as it is a japanese aircraft and gaijin couldnt really give any care to japan


There’s more chance of it going back to 7.7 then either getting an airspawn or becoming 7.3 as when it did have an airspawn it was rather oppressive to fight.

I’m still surprised that this made up aircraft still exists in game an not replaced with either a Lockheed P-2 or Fuji T-1 or hell Yokosuka R2Y1 with armament then again it’s japan with all their made up/ hodgepodge designs.

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I have no idea how this plane was 6.7, lost it’s airspawn and ended up at 8.0.

they could do even the smallest thing for it and i would be grateful i just want to be able to play my jet