Please don't move the M26 to 6.7

The M26 should not be moving up to 6.7, it was perfectly fine at 6.3. With these new BR changes the M26 will literally have 0 use in game, you could just play the T26E5, T26E1-1, or M26E1.


German players cried because it can’t be penned in the silhouette without any aiming so it was nerfed.


Ach tiger 1E vs is-3 xd

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Just aim and use proper ammo as another mains must do aganist you.

dont move is2 1944 and tiger 2p to 6.7 aswell

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german mains cried, thats literally just insults coming from a US main

German cats BR are nerfed too, cant you read better in the BR table?

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All these changes need to be cancelled, the last months we’ve had 2 events and a major update, there is no way they have any sort of accurate data and the fact they’re even proposing this is yet another example that they have no clue what they are doing, you simply cannot balance vehicles based on their performance during events and whilst introducing new vehicles.

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Panthers are very similar so it’s don’t get higher than 6.0. But M26 now 0.7 BR higher than any panther

Both is 2 can be penned if front by 76mm sherman. They good at their place

i know i agree that m26 should be stayed at 6.3, the 75mm jumbo should seriously move to 5.7

Who can you pen on 5.7 with 75mm peashooter?

Also on 5.7 75mm will meet KTH who is just invulnerable for it in front

Don’t make me laugh, Tiger 1 won’t beat IS3 even on ACPER, it’s the same from the side

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Is 3 just must be on 7.3 tiger 1 maybe 5.7(it really was balanced)

M26 can’t do it too. T25 too.

Not so long ago i argued with german main on cis forum. He said that Tiger 2 H must be lowered because IS2 can pen mantlet. So now I have bad opinion about german mains

Oh dear, I killed a Challenger 2 from the front with my Tiger H1, it must be moved to 5.0 to compensate this.

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i killed a t90a with a panzer 2h so t90a should be 2.0 for balance …

Those br changes are just dumb
sorry but there is no other way to say it.


T-44 must be 6.3 max

fax t-44 has a bad gun and mediocre protection at best.