Please check if it's a bug for A109 EOA-2?

After update , when I using A109 EOA-2 try to aim , it likes this …

After that, I try to play another helicopters , etc Ka 50 and other helicopters, like this

So A109 almost can not play , because I can not aim the enemy tanks , except fly very high and push the header to the grand. Before I can do that, I will be killed by AA.

Please help to confirm if it’s a bug or not.

That’s not a bug, different missiles have different launch angles.

Its based on real life abilities.

Then how to explain this

I am using A129CBT with BGM 71C Tow , exact same as A109 EOA-2, the angles is different too.

Different optic zoom can make the angles look different.


Then A109 really can not use =_= …

Its fine, you just point your nose at the target, fire and nose level again.

Its the same for most heli ATGMs. Semi-active laser ones (hellfires, etc.) have more leeway.