Please buff a10a early

Why A10A early in 10.0 only two 9L and AGM65B,The A10A Late, which is only 0.3 more, has four 9L and an AGM65D. There is almost no difference between 10.0 and 10.3 within the game,will definitely encounter F5C and M1KVT,But the gap between the two aircraft is large, both in air and land combat

Agm65B is pretty good. Has dramatically better zoom than 65D.

The 2x 9L difference doesn’t really matter. It’s 2 free kills vs 4 and you have the GAU-8 which is one of the best a2a guns in the game

Not to mention A10 early gets TV bombs as well

I can’t agree with you,the gap between 2 9L in air combat is huge,A10 requires 9L to gain superiority in air combat,otherwise, the enemy only needs to turn on afterburner or climb to get out of the A10. and TV bombs,there is no use on the A10,It has no incentive to climb to the heights where guided bombs are used

The GAU-8 was weakened by the depth of armor penetration,The 9L is now just a better powered R60M that can be easily tricked by thermal decoy. My native language is not English, and I apologize for any inconvenience caused to your reading

It certainly makes a difference but air superiority isn’t necessary in the A-10. You have the countermeasures to defeat any incoming missiles and a pretty good dogfighting performance if someone tries to attack you. It isn’t an air superiority fighter though, so you can’t expect to go chase after someone if they’re intent on fleeing.

Toss da bomb! (The glide bombs have an absurd lift-to-drag ratio, add in a toss and you’ve got a 10km range at speed.)

Don’t waste your 9Ls on front aspect shots. That’s what your very long-range GAU-8 is for. If you end up in an a2a fight, you wanna get your 9L on their tail. They buffed the snot out of rear-aspect shots with Atilla, so it will probably hit. Even against a target that’s just boom and zooming past you.

You’re better than like half the native English speakers here lol