Please allow for an Option to remove the Missiles of the STRV-81 (RB 52)


They are just a massive Weakspot and in the vast majority of cases you can’t utilize them either - the controls of them are also beyond horrid as they are inverted for some reason and linked to the Tank Movement.

As of now you have to waste-fire all three at Spawn and then can continue playing which is also what i saw everyone else doing and recommending me to do as well because they are just useless.

So please turn them into a Modification which we can turn off and not take them with us into the Match so its like a basic STRV-81 which is just better lol

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Prime example of user induced error.


That they are inverted? Or that they can’t be utilized in most cases?

Wouldn’t change that they are massive Weakspots anyway. And they are inverted on default not by my choice even through i got W as forward and S as backwards, i had to flip the arrow Keys to make use of them and i don’t know a single person from any Videogame who plays with inverted controls.

Could be argued of course that in this regard its personal preference but nonetheless they are massive Weakspot i’d rather not take with me and waste-fire them anyway at Spawn and thats what i can see everyone doing with them as well because its the logical thing to do as encounters where you can utilize them are beyond rare due to their firing Arc - so an Option to not take them with you in the first place would be greatly appreciated by i think everyone who plays with that Tank.

All of the above.

What massive weakspots about it?

And that’s your choice to make. There are 3 different default keysets for differing skill levels and shortened keyboards.

I don’t personally see the point in it, though it may also add a nice feeling of customizability.

Did you not test drive it before buying it? If you want to play a strv 81 without the atgms, use the tech tree one.

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I got a 50% Discount for it after i bought the VIDAR so i bought it to add to my Line Up

From what i can see the controls for the Missiles are bind to the controls of the Tank Movement so i have to change my Tank Movement Keys to change the controls of the Missiles and i don’t want to play with inverted controls so the Missiles isn’t inverted, controlling it with the arrow Keys also isn’t comfortable.

Maybe i am blind but i haven’t found a single Setting where i change the Missile control, for the Tank, without changing my Tank Movement Keybinds.

Also its three massive Missiles attached to your Turret…how is that not a massive Weakspot?

And other Premium Vehicles also offer some Options to remove certain things like for the Panzerbefehlswagen J you can remove the Ostketten to get the grid-thing on your Tracks, for the M1128 Wolfpack you can choose whether you want the Camonet on it or not etc.

So i don’t see why there shouldn’t be an option not to take the Missile for the STRV-81 with you in the first place when one is just dumping them at spawn anyway

Difference is that those are addon armor/track upgrades. This is a weapon system. It is also the sole difference between it and the regular strv81.

Does it kill it when hit? I dont recall it doing that. Thought the missiles just got destroyed.

There is not. Personally i dont mind the inverted as i got used to it after a few matches. Maybe you could set up controls so that “W” is up and “ALT-W” is down or something like that. I also dont like using the arrow keys.

Does it matter really if that is the sole difference between the Tech Tree and Premium one? Like im not saying they should remove the Missiles as a whole - but an Option so you can personally choose whether you want them with you or not.

Theres also other Premiums in the Game which are just 1:1 Copies of the Tech Tree Variants and don’t even have anything distinctive about them or are the same Tank another Nation has in the Tech Tree but they got as a Premium (Tigris/Heavy Tank No.6 = Tiger)

Also idk i have just been dumping them right at Spawn, don’t know if i want to take that risk to try it out.

I don’t mind not using the Missiles, got it on Discount anyway and need to grind Sweden lol

Would be TONS better if those things where controlled via Mouse.

And they are as a booster for research. The strv81 rb52 is sold as for the gimmick of having atgms.

Do they kill you when hit?

Luckly most atgms are mouse aimed. Anything below 8.0 wont really get those due to how powerful mouse aimed atgms are.

Is interesting how the atgms didnt increase the strv81’s br.

Been playing a few Rounds now with the Missiles on them, couldn’t use them in a single scenario. Not one Enemy has hit me on them so no idea if their explosion hits myself.

However not only are they barely useable (didnt had one encounter where to use) but when firing you can’t even move your Tank anymore and you are locked into the Missile Movement for several seconds which already caused me to die twice because i couldnt move for like ten seconds (well i technically did used them there but it would have been better if i didn’t, didn’t hit anyone with it and died due it locking me into the missile controls)

So yeah an Option to choose whether to take them with you or not would be greatly appreciated.

Assuming that they wouldnt kill you when hit, there would be zero reason to remove them.

And please tell me that you are not trying to use them at close range and in while sitting in the open. You have to be medium/long range.

And at least you get a gun. Imagine the struggle of the type 60 atm.

No at close range its not even possible to use them but when using them you are also locked into the missile control until it hits the target or gets destroyed which is rly annoying because it prevents you from moving away but i still dont know whether they actually do hit, took them all the time now with me apparently no ones interested in shooting at them lol

But im not playing the Type 60 ATM and that thing is 6.7 + Japan which seems to suffer a bit from what i’ve heard, i don’t think the missile justify putting the strv-81 which is 1:1 identical to the tech tree one aside the missiles higher in BR because its just so rare to have encounters where you can use them and tbh even if i can i think i rather pass due to the wacky controls of them and not able to move anymore

Both are 7.7

Lol. Let me know what happens when they get hit. If anyone ever hits them